Marcelo Worsley

Post-Doctoral Scholar
Rossier School of Education
Viterbi School of Engineering
Institute for Creative Technologies
University of Southern California


Curriculum Vitae

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southern California through the Provost's Postdoctoral Scholars Program for Faculty Diversity in Digital Informatics and Knowledge. At USC I collaborate with researchers in the Rossier School of Education and the Institute for Creative Technologies. The goal of my current research is to advance society's understanding of how students learn in complex learning environments by forging new opportunities for using multimodal technology. I began this line of research while completing a PhD in Learning Sciences and Technology Design at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. While at Stanford I directed the Multimodal Learning Analytics Group within Paulo Blikstein's Transformative Learning Technologies Laboratory. The Multimodal Learning Analytics group was primarily concerned with systematically analyzing and characterizing student learning in the Stanford Learning Fabrication Laboratory, a constructionist learning environment. Analyses were conducted using artificial intelligence, machine learning and micro-genetic analysis. A hallmark of this research is the use of process-oriented, multimodal data to understand and validate project-based learning in such a way that we can expand the use of project-based learning and develop resources to support students and teachers. As part of this research I am particularly interested in low-cost solutions that will be affordable and feasible for diverse populations of STEM learners and that promote transparency and authenticity.