USC Price School of Public Policy

Dr. William J. Williams


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. William J. Williams
Professor Emeritus
Sol Price School of Public Policy
University of Southern California
Telephone: (702) 810-3079
Institute for Applied Epistemics
Dr. Williams Biography


Dr. William J. Williams is currently an Emeritus professor in the Sol Price School of Public Policy, and, the Co-founder and Director of the Institute for Applied Epistemics and General Semantics.

Professional Experience

  • University of Southern California, Sol Price School of Public Policy, Professor
  • Long Beach State University, California, Lecturer
  • Library of Congress, Washington DC, Personnel Consultant
  • Howard University, Washington DC, Visiting Professor
  • Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California, Lecturer
  • Employee Relations Board Mediator, Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City
  • Director, Center for Social Action, University of Southern California
  • Project Director, Shaw University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USC Public Administration Program, VE Federal Education Program
  • Director, Shaw University/USC University, Without Walls Program
  • Consultant to HEW
  • Moderator, Educational Program, ABC Television
  • Moderator, Educational Program, CBS Television
  • Consultant, Port Authority of New York
  • Regional Director, Western Program, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights – Eleven states
  • Deputy Staff Director. United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Instructor, Los Angeles City College
  • Congressional Field Director for United States, Congressman Augustus F. Hawkins
  • Consultant, California State Legislature subcommittee on Economic Development and Automation
  • Research Director, Joint Council #8 for building service unions
  • Administrative Advisor, New York State Commission on the Governmental Operations of New York City
  • US International Cooperation Administration, Consultant
  • Associate Director and Acting Director, USC International Public Administration Center
  • Instructor, Southern University, Louisiana
  • New York University Instructor, New York
  • Evaluator for the National Science Foundation
  • Doctoral Committee Faculty Member University of Lancaster-Lancaster England
  • California State Polytechnic University at Pomona Visting faculty in Public Policy
  • Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, Visiting Faculty
  • Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea, Visiting Lecturer
  • Shaw University Founders Day Speaker

Professional Associations

  • Public Personnel Association
  • American Humanist Society
  • American Society for Public Administration
  • International Society for General Semantics
  • American Political Science Association
  • The Society of Equal Employment consultants
  • Institute for General Semantics
  • American Association of University Professors
  • The American Academy of Political and Social Science
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Federation of Radio and Television Artists

Other Experience

  • Coordinating Council for Economic Development and Employment (non-profit), Executive Director, Los Angeles
  • Candidate for Secretary of State, California
  • Director, California Democratic Council, 24th District

Professional Activities – USC

  • USC, Committee on Minority Faculty, Chairman
  • School of Public Administration (USC) Personnel Committee, Member
  • University Committee on Tenure and Privileges, Member
  • University Search Committee to Select a Director of Personnel, Member
  • Black History Week, Los Angeles County, Chairman
  • President, USC Chapter of the American Association of University Professors
  • Social Change Committee, USC, Chairman
  • Ethics Committee, USC, Member
  • Doctoral Admissions Committee, USC, Member
  • Association of Black County Administrators, Member of the Advisory Board
  • Tenure and Promotions Criteria Committee, USC, Chairman
  • Task Force – Black and African Center for Culture Arts, USC, Member
  • Chairman, School of Public Administration Promotion Criteria Committee
  • Salary Allocations Committee, USC, Chairman
  • USC Representative at the Inauguration of the President of Marist College - panel member
  • USC Tenure and Promotions Panel, Member
  • USC Search Committee for Personnel Director, Member
  • USC Search Committee for Selection of Dean of School of Architecture, Member
  • USC University Appeals Committee of Personnel Actions, Member
  • USC University Student Appeals Committee, Member
  • USC President’s Executive Advisory Committee, Member
  • USC Faculty Senate Appeals Committee on Tenure and Promotion, Member
  • USC Faculty Senate Athletic Affairs Advisory Committee, Member


  • Alpha Phi Omega Man-of-the-Year Award. It is given annually to a civic of business leader or an educator who has distinguished himself in service to others.
  • Delta Sigma Theta Award
  • Men of Tomorrow – Award for Community and Civic Involvement
  • Optimist Club – Merit Award
  • Who’s Who in America
  • Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans
  • International Who’s Who in Community Service
  • Who’s Who in the West
  • Achievement Award for Contributions in the Field of Public Administration – Ebonics Support Group, University of Southern California
  • Teaching Excellence Award, School of Public Administration, University of Southern California
  • Who’s Who in Social Science

Publications - Books

  • General Semantics and the Social Sciences, Philosophical Library
  • Uncommon Sense and Dimensional Awareness. University Publishers
  • Epistemics: Personalizing the Process of Change, University Publishers
  • Selections from Semantics Behavior and Decision Making, Public Affairs Center
  • Semantic Behavior and Decision Making, Monograph Publishing Series, A subsidiary of University Microfilms International
  • The Miracle of Abduction, Epistemics Press
  • New Thinking for a New Millennium. The Processes and Application of Abstracting, Pentland Press


  • Giving Attention to the Needs of Black Students," The Journal of the Association of Deans and Administrators of Student Affairs, Vol. 5, No. 4, April 1969.
  • Epistemics Abstract Brief, Language and Behavioral Abstracts, University
    Of Michigan Press
  • “Epistemics: A New Process”, Journal of the International Society for General Semantics
  • “A Transactive Method for Communicating”, Journal of the International Society for General Semantics
  • “General Semantics, Epistemics and Collective Bargaining,” Journal of the International Society for General Semantics
  • "The Public Service Collective Bargaining Process: Toward a New Technique,” Public personnel Review and Personnel Administration
  • “Epistemics as an Analytical Method,” etc., Journal of the International Society for General Semantics
  • “Decision Making and the New Process of Epistemics,” International Society for General Semantics
  • “A Creative Dimension: Model and Method,” International Communications Journal
  • “Methods and Models in Social Science,” International Society for General Semantics
  • “Public Administration and General Semantics,” University of Southern California Faculty Senate Publication
  • “The Black Athlete: A Bad Rap,” Daily Trojan Newspaper of the University of Southern California
  • “Epistemological Background for Knowing and Naming.” Review of General Semantics Journal

Book Reviews

  • Patterns of Discovery in the Social Sciences by Paul Diesing, The Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Science
  • The Languages of a Bilingual Community, International Migration Review
  • Evidence and Explanation in the Social Sciences by Gerald Studdert-Kennedy, The Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Sciences
  • Kenneth W. Thompson, Ethics, Functionalism and Power in International Politics: The Crisis in Values, The Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Sciences
  • Political Reasoning by Evert Verdun, The Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Sciences
  • The Nine Nations of North American by Joel Garreau, The Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Sciences

Monographs and Specialized Publications

  • Attracting and Developing Industry, School of Social Service, New York University
  • Planned Community Development, Executive Development Group Los Angeles
  • Contemporary Papers on Social Change and the Administrative Process, USC Center for Social Action
  • A Training Manual for Community Organizations, USC Center for Social Action
  • Program on Social Conflict and Change, Center for Social Action, USC
  • Critique of the Governor’s Commission on the Los Angeles Riot, Executive Development Group
  • Special Assembly Subcommittee on Economic Development and Automation, California State Assembly publication
  • Wrote Foreword to the book, Breeds of Men, by J. Samuel Bois, published by Harper and Row, 1973.