Digital Academe: New Media and Institutions in Higher Education and Learning

Edited by William H. Dutton and Brian D. Loader

London: Taylor & Francis/Routledge, Forthcoming 2002

This book cuts through the hype surrounding the information revolution to examine - from a wide range of critical, non-commercial perspectives - the enormous opportunities and challenges in higher education tied to the use of new information and communication technologies. The edited collection from leading practitioners, educationalists and researchers provides a wide range of informed perspectives in analyzing and reporting on recent developments and future options in distance education and distributed learning. Contributions span national boundaries and reach beyond the research community to the heart of issues of policy and practice that require urgent attention in education systems around the world.

Digital Academe will be of value to educators, policy makers, journalists, parents and the public at large. Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels will find material of relevance to courses in education, social policy, sociology, communication, information studies, instructional technologies, new media and  information and communications technologies. And the large number of educational practitioners and academics in diverse disciplines whose careers are being shaped by these developments will gain new insights about developments in online education and scholarship.

Digital Academe is edited by William H. Dutton and Brian D. Loader with a foreword by Lord Asa Briggs

Contributors include: A. Michael Noll, Trevor Haywood, Sylvia Sensiper, Edward Schneider, Maria Henke, Carl Renold, Noriko Hara, Rob Kling, Lloyd Armstrong, Pamela S. Pease, Emma Kiselyova, Alfred Bork, Tamara Sumner, Philip E. Agre, Walter S. Baer, Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Rose M. M. Wagner, Martin Harris, Neil Pollock, Nicholas Garnham, Sandra Braman, Alain Dumort, James Cornford, Michelle H. Jackson and Stephen D. McDowell.