Chao Wang    

  Prospective Students

I am recruiting new PhD students who are good at math and programming and want to pursue a research career after graduation.

Broadly speaking, I work on two types of research problems:

  • Verification: Can we formally verify that critical software components are designed correctly, their implementations are free of runtime errors, and when running on real devices, they do not leak sensitive information through side channels?
  • Program synthesis: Can we automatically generate software code from their formal or informal specifications? What are the compelling applications where synthesis can offer more efficient, reliable, and secure solutions than manually written code?

I also have broad interests in logic, automated reasoning, and their application to principled design of software systems. For example, we are focusing on issues related to concurrency and side-channel security:

If you are interested in joining my group, please send your resume with the subject "Applicant: your_name ".

Additional Info

About USC: "Located in Los Angeles, California, this Disney-like campus is home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world..."

(From what I know, getting a PhD in CS is not easy: if you are not sure, read Philip J. Guo's memoir first.)