Suya You


My work focuses on visual perception, understanding, interaction, and presentation. I lead a research team at the University of Southern California (USC) to pursue research broadly covering computer vision, object recognition, machine learning, computer graphics, data visualization, data analytics, immersive reality, and geospatial science. My current research focuses on novel techniques and solutions for effectively learning, modeling, fusing, and presenting Big Visual Data composed of massive amount of images, videos, 3D range data, point cloud data, and geospatial data. My research activities range from fundamental algorithms and mathematical methods to systems and applications development. I co-direct the Computer Graphics and Immersive Technologies (CGIT) laboratory at USC.

I am also a key investigator at the Center for Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies (CISOFT), a USC-Chevron Center of Excellence for Research and Academic Training on Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies. My research for CiSoft focuses on 3D modeling, virtual/augmented reality, novel visualization for complex multimodal data comprehension and decision-making, image analytics, and game techniques for immersive training, simulation and visualization.

I was a key investigator at the Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC), an NSF Engineering Research Center at USC to carry out a successful cross-disciplinary program of research, education, outreach, industry collaboration and technology transfer. Many of technologies and software produced from my research have been successfully licensed or commercialized.

My previous industry careers include a software engineer of telecommunication and a system engineer on DSP, FPGA implementation and systems. Recently I co-founded a spin-off company of USC in the wake of significant innovations my research achieved in large-scale 3D modeling, image recognition, multiple geospatial data fusion, and mixed-reality visualizations.


University of Southern California

3737 Watt Way, PHE 432

Los Angeles, CA 90089

Phone: 213-740-4495


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