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After many years at the University of Illinois at Chicago I now have a new home at the University of Southern California where I am a Professor in the Mathematics Department and Director of the Center for Applied Mathematical Sciences.

My research centers on the partial differential equations that describe the motion of fluids, namely the Euler and the Navier-Stokes equations. I am currently working in topics connected with fluid instabilities and mathematical models for turbulence.

I am the Editor in Chief of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. My other roles in the AMS have included

  • Associate Secretary
  • Member of the Council of the AMS
  • Chair of the Colloquium Publication Series
  • Member, Editorial Board of the Notices of the AMS

I have organized many meetings of the AMS including these AMS International Meetings

  • AMS - South Africa
  • AMS - Australia
  • AMS - Spain
  • AMS - India
  • AMS - Germany and Austria
  • AMS - Poland
  • AMS - Shanghai
  • AMS - Mexico
  • Mathematical Congress of the Americas

My favorite workshops include one that I co-organized for the 85th Birthday Fest for Cathleen Morawetz at the Fields Institute and a workshop at ICERM on the occasion of my 71st birthday.

My Awards include

My Service on Advisory Boards includes

  • International Sciences Foundation (Soros Foundation)
  • NSF Panels
  • Joint Policy Board for Mathematics
  • Review Committee for Georgia Tech
  • Review Committee for Yale
  • Review Committee for the University of Nebraska
  • Review Committee for USCSC
  • Review Committee for Virginia Tech
  • Board on Mathematical Sciences of the National Academies
  • Scientific Advisory Committee of MSRI
  • Member, Scientific Program Committee, ICIAM – 2015
  • International Advisory Committee of CRM
  • Steering Committee, Mathematical Congress of the Americas – 2013 and 2017
  • Visiting Committee for MIT
  • Chair, Council of the Americas, 2016
  • Susan lecturing at the 2018 SCAPDE. Photo by Sijue Wu
  • Susan lecturing at the 2018 SCAPDE. Photo by Sijue Wu

You can find preprints of many of my recent articles on the ArXiv and most of my published papers are listed on MathSciNet. This includes the four volume "Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics" that I co-edited with Denis Serre and that was published by Elsevier.

Here are the links to some Mathematical Institutes whose hospitality I have enjoyed

Click here for more photos from the 2017 ICERM workshop celebrating Susan's work

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