Greys Sošić

Associate Professor of Operations Management

Department of Data Sciences and Operations
The Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California
Bridge Hall 401E
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Tel: (213) 821-3632



Academic Positions

·         Marshall School of Business. University of Southern California.

o    April 2009 – present. Associate Professor of Operations Management. 

o    August 2002 – April 2009. Assistant Professor of Operations Management. 

Academic Degrees

·         Ph.D. Management Science, University of British Columbia.

·         M.Sc. Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

·         B.Sc. Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Journal Publications

·         Meca, A., G. Sošić. 2013.   Benefactors and Beneficiaries: the Effects of Giving and Receiving on Cost-Coalitional Problems. To appear in Production and Operations Management.

·         Huang, X., M. Nagarajan, G. Sošić. 2013. Some Implications of Pricing Bundles. Naval Research Logistics 60(3) 237-250.

·         Huang, X., G. Sošić. 2012. Repeated Newsvendor Game with Transshipments. Newsvendor Problems: Models, Extensions and Applications,T. M. Choi (ed.), Springer International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, 103-136.

·         Ozen, U., G. Sošić, M. Slikker. 2012. A collaborative decentralized distribution system with demand forecast updates. European Journal of Operational Research 216(3) 573-583.

·         Sošić, G. 2011.  Impact of Demand Uncertainty on Stability of Supplier Alliances in Assembly Models. Production and Operations Management 20 (6) 905-920.

·         Zhang, H., M. Nagarajan, G. Sošić. 2010. Dynamic Supplier Contracts under Asymmetric Inventory Information. Operations Research 58(5) 1380-1397.

·         Huang, X., G. Sošić. 2010.  Analysis of Industry Equilibria in Models with Sustaining and Disruptive Technology. (supplement with proofs) European Journal of Operational Research 207(1) 238-248.

·         Huang, X., G. Sošić. 2010. Transshipment of Inventories: Dual Allocations vs. Transshipment Prices. MSOM 12(2) 299-312.

·         Huang, X., G. Sošić. 2010. Repeated Newsvendor Game with Transshipments under Dual Allocations. European Journal of Operational Research 204(2) 274-284.

·         Sošić, G. 2010. Stability of Information-Sharing Alliances in a Three-Level Supply Chain. Naval Research Logistics 57(3) 279-295.

·         Nagarajan, M., G. Sošić. 2009. Coalition Stability in Assembly Models. (supplement with proofs) Operations Research 57 (1) 131-145.    

·         Nagarajan, M., G. Sošić. 2008. Game-Theoretic Analysis of Cooperation Among Supply Chain Agents: Review and Extensions. European Journal of Operational Research 187 (3) 719-745.  

·         Sošić, G. 2007. Collusion in Second-Price Auctions under Minimax Regret Criterion. Production and Operations Management 16 (4) 471-482.  

·         Nagarajan, M., G. Sošić. 2007. Stable Farsighted Coalitions in Competitive Markets. Management Science 53 (1) 29-45. (supplement with proofs) 

·         Sošić, G. 2006. Transshipment of Inventories Among Retailers: Myopic vs. Farsighted Stability. Management Science 52 (10) 1493-1508.

·         Granot, D., G. Sošić. 2005. Formation of Alliances in Internet Based Supply Exchanges. Management Science 51 (1) 92-105.

·         Granot, D., G. Sošić. 2003. A Three Stage Model for a Decentralized Distribution System of Retailers. Operations Research 51 (5) 771-784.

·         Eilam Tzoreff, T., D. Granot, F. Granot, G. Sošić. 2002. The Vehicle Routing Problem with Pickups and Deliveries on Some Special Graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics 116 (3) 193-229.

Working Papers

·         Granot, D., F. Granot, G. Sošić. 2014.  Allocation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Supply Chains.

·         Tian, F., G. Sošić, L. Debo. 2014.  Manufacturers’ Competition and Cooperation in Sustainability: Stable Recycling Alliances

·         Nagarajan, M., G. Sošić, C. Tong. 2011.  Dynamic Stable Supplier Coalitions and Invariance in Assembly Systems with Commodity Components. (revised January 2014)

·         Huang, X., G. Sošić, G. Kersten. 2009.  Selling Through Priceline? Managing Name-Your-Own-Price and Direct Channels Simultaneously in a Competitive Market. (revised February 2014)

·         Tian, F., G. Sošić, L. Debo. 2013.  Green Recycling Networks.

·         Nagarajan, M., G. Sošić, H. Zhang. 2009. Stable Group Purchasing Organizations. (revised September 2010)



·         Marshall School of Business. University of Southern California. 2002-present.

o    IOM 482 Supply Chain Management (undergraduate program)

o    IOM/DSO 505 Sustainable Supply Chains (MBA program)

o    IOM/DSO 506 Sourcing and Supplier Management (MBA program)

o    IOM/DSO 581 Supply Chain Management (MBA program)

o    IOM 670 Stochastic Models in Operations (Ph.D. program)

o    IOM 672 Markov Decision Processes and Applications (Ph.D. program)

o    IOM 672 Game-theoretical Models in Supply Chain Management (Ph.D. program)

·         Sauder School of Business. University of British Columbia. 2001-2002.

o    COMM 291 Application of Statistics in Business (undergraduate program)

o    BAMS 517 Decision Analysis (M.Sc./Ph.D. program)

o    BAMS 518 Markov Decision Processes (M.Sc./Ph.D. program)

Last updated: June 2014.

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