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I am interested in intelligent systems that have to operate in large, nondeterministic, nonstationary or only partially known domains. Most of my research centers around techniques for decision making (planning and learning) that enable situated agents (such as robots or decision-support systems) to act intelligently in their environments and exhibit goal-directed behavior in real-time, even if they have only incomplete knowledge of their environment, imperfect abilities to manipulate it, limited or noisy perception or insufficient reasoning speed. I believe that finding good solutions to these problems requires approaches that cut across many different fields and, consequently, my research draws on areas such as artificial intelligence, decision theory, and operations research. Applications of my research include planetary exploration, supply-chain management, medicine, crisis management (such as oil-spill containment) and robotics.

Enjoy my homepage! I hope that you will find something interesting here. For example, if you are using Markov models in your research (as I do), then you know - of course - the Bellman optimality equations, the Baum-Welch algorithm, and the Viterbi algorithm - but did you know that Bellman, Welch and Viterbi were/are faculty members at USC? In fact, the computer science department is part of the Viterbi School of Engineering, which is named after Viterbi...

Important Information for Students

Sven Koenig
Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
University of Southern California
Henry Salvatori Computer Center (SAL) 312
941 W 37th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781
phone: 213-740-6491
fax: 213-740-7285

(I strongly prefer email over phone messages.)

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