Curriculum Vitae Interests & Current Projects
  • Syntagmatic relationships in phonology: rhythm, weight, tone, harmony, phonotactics
  • Phonological interfaces: particularly, with morphosyntax
  • Quantitative and computational modeling, statistical machine learning
  • Corpus methods: particularly, with under-resourced languages
  • Psycholinguistics, cognitive science
  • Poetic and musical forms
  • Scientometrics for issues of diversity and representation

My research--and my lab's research--deploys computational approaches towards understanding the cognitive system of language. In particular, I focus on the place of phonology within the linguistic system: what is its structure, and what is the nature of its interfaces with other components of language (and beyond)? Computation and natural language data allow us to break open these questions by making language (and its use) a tractable and quantifiable object for scientific study.

Some of my current projects include

  • Phonological influences on word and constituent order:
    e.g., in Tagalog word order
  • Learning of lexically-specific phonological behaviours:
    e.g., unsupervised feature discovery for (morphological) class-conditioned phonology
  • Phonotactic modeling of variable surface lexical tone patterns:
    e.g., in Mende, Dioula, Hausa
  • Phonological correspondences between music and language cross-linguistically:
    e.g., in Japanese and English song text-setting

I am also interested in using scientometrics (quantative meta-study of science as a field) to turn a critical eye on (gender) diversity, representation, and the consequences of collaboration for scientific development in the field of linguistics.

Recent Papers

A complete list of publications is available here.

  • Shih & Inkelas. To appear, 2019. Autosegmental aims in surface optimizing phonology. Linguistic Inquiry. Download PDF. Also available on lingbuzz/002520.
  • Shih. 2017. Constraint conjunction in weighted probabilistic grammar. Phonology. Download PDF preprint.
  • Shih & Zuraw. 2017. Phonological conditions on variable adjective-noun word order in Tagalog. Language: Phonological Analysis. Download PDF preprint. Also available on lingbuzz/002796
  • Starr & Shih. 2017. The syllable as a prosodic unit in Japanese lexical strata: evidence from text-setting. Glossa.
  • Shih. 2017. Phonological influences in syntactic choice. In The morphosyntax-phonology connection: locality and directionality at the interface. Download PDF.
  • Shih. 2016. Super additive similarity in Dioula tone harmony. WCCFL Proceedings. Download PDF.
  • Shih & Inkelas. 2016. Morphologically-conditioned tonotactics in multilevel Maximum Entropy grammar. AMP Proceedings. Download PDF.
  • Gribanova & Shih (eds). 2017. The morphosyntax-phonology connection: locality and directionality at the interface. Oxford University Press.
  • Book.
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Starting 2018, the Shih Language & Computation Lab is moving to the Department of Linguistics at University of Southern California. If you are interested in working with and/or applying to the ShLAC Lab, please direct your application to USC.


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