Project Instructions

The goal of the project is to learn a new area related to the class material by reading 2-4 research papers, and writing a report surveying the area and outlining interesting research directions. Students must form teams of 2-3 students, decide on a topic and a list of papers, and submit a one-page project proposal by Tuesday 10/21. Exceptions to the 2-3 student rule are at the discretion of the instructor. On the last day of class, each team must submit a project report of up to 10 pages.

Students will be graded on the proposal and the report, with the former worth 5% of the course grade, and the latter worth 20%.

Students may consult with the instructor for help in forming project teams, selecting a suitable project topic, and selecting a suitable set of research papers. Students are encouraged to choose a topic related to their own research interests, though the instructor will provide suggestions based on recent important work in related areas. Example project topics include, but are not limited to: