Project Requirements

The project is mandatory. The goal of the project is to learn a new area related to the class material, on the order of 2-3 research papers, and write a report summarizing what you learned and outlining interesting research directions in that area. You must form a team of 2-3 students, decide on a topic, and inform me and Yu of your choice by November 1. If you don't have a partner, email Yu and myself with your topic of interest, and we will try to match you up. By November 8, you should have a list of papers or references you intend to use, and email them to Yu and myself, to which we may respond with suggestions. Final reports, no longer than 10 pages each, are due by December 6. If you need help identifying papers, let us know. You are encouraged to choose a topic of your own, particularly if it is related to your own research. However, we have a list of suggestions for those of you who need help identifying topics. See the list below. If you have any other ideas which you think would make for a good project, please let me know even if you don't plan to pursue it yourself, and I will share it with the rest of the class.