I study the nature of time, space, and possibility, and the relationships between things, their parts, and their qualitative properties. I also work on probability and decision theory, and I’m interested in category theory and its applications to philosophy. My work applies technical tools to traditional philosophical questions.


  • Possible Patterns (with John Hawthorne)
    Forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Metaphysics
  • General Dynamic Triviality Theorems (with John Hawthorne)
    Philosophical Review 2016
  • Qualitative Grounds
    Forthcoming in Philosophical Perspectives
  • How Much is at Stake for the Pragmatic Encroacher
    Forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Epistemology
  • Temporary Safety Hazards
    Noûs 2015
  • Indefinite Divisibility
    Inquiry 2015
  • Groupthink (with John Hawthorne and Lara Buchak)
    Philosophical Studies 2015
  • On Where Things Could Be
    Philosophy of Science 2014
  • Possible Worlds and the Objective World
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 2013
  • Actuality for Counterpart Theorists
    Mind 2013
  • The Structure of Gunk: Adventures in the Ontology of Space
    Oxford Studies in Metaphysics 2008

Work in Progress

  • The Logic of Opacity (with Andrew Bacon)
  • Composition as Abstraction
  • Quality and Quantifiers
  • Space-Time Categories
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I regularly teach Philosophy 450 (Intermediate Logic), which is about the limits of what can be said, proven, calculated, or counted. We study deep human discoveries about the infinite, the indescribable, and the impossible. If you've taken intro logic (or suitable courses in math, computer science, or linguistics) and you're interested in taking 450, contact me.

I also regularly teach graduate seminars and undergraduate classes in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of religion, philosophy of language, and philosophy of math.

Spring 2017

Past Courses

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Contact Me

University of Southern California, School of Philosophy

Office Hours (Spring 2017)

Tuesday, 12:40–1:40pm
227 Stonier Hall