Robert A. Stallings
Professor Emeritus
Sol Price School of Public Policy
University of Southern California



Selected Books, Chapters, Articles, and Papers

"Methodological Issues." Pp. 55–82 in Handbook of Disaster Research (2006)

"Disaster Research." Pp. 71–73 in The Sage Dictionary of Social Research Methods (2006)

"Natural Disasters and the Politics of Causality: Explanation and Responsibility in the Context of Multiple Catastrophes" (2006)

"On Sociological Theory and the Sociology of Disasters: Moving from Periphery to Center."  Presidential Address, International Research Committee on Disasters (RC 39), World Congress of Sociology, Durban, South Africa (2006)

"Disaster, Crisis, Collective Stress, and Mass Deprivation." Pp. 237–274 in What Is a Disaster? New Answers to Old Questions (2005)

"Soziologische Theorien und Desaster-Studien." Pp. 35–49 in Entsetzliche soziale Prozesse: Theoretische und Empirie der Katastrophe (2003)

"The Problem with the Earthquake Problem." Pp. 21–28 in Social Problems: Constructionist Readings (2003)

"Threats to Cities: Large-Scale Disasters and September 11, 2001" (2002)

Methods of Disaster Research (2002)

"Disasters, Epidemics, Terrorism, and Other Calamities: Resurrecting Simmel's Form andContent" (2001)

"Weberian Political Sociology and Sociological Disaster Studies." Sociological Forum (2002)

"Figurations and Aviation Disasters" (2000)

"A Weberian Program for Disaster Research" (1999)

"Disaster and the Theory of Social Order." Pp. 127–145 in What Is a Disaster? Perspectives on the Question. (1998)

"The Swiss 'Holocaust Assets' Crisis" (1998)

Promoting Risk: Constructing the Earthquake Threat (1995)

Robert A. Stallings' Vita


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