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John A. Romley


      Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • US Hospitals Experienced Substantial Productivity Growth During 2002–11, with Dana Goldman and Neeraj Sood, Health Affairs, 2015.  [Link]

  • Association Between Use of Warfarin with Common Sulfonylureas and Serious Hypoglycemic Events:  Retrospective Cohort Analysis, with Cynthia Gong, Anupam Jena, Dana Goldman, Bradley Williams and Anne Peters, The BMJ, 2015.  [Link]

  • Early Failure of Dialysis Access in the Era of Fistula First, with Karen Woo (first author) and Dana Goldman, Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2015.  [Link]

  • Patient Preference for Treatment Administration in Cystic Fibrosis, with Gregory Sawicki (first author), Dana Goldman, Wing Chan, Alicia Casey and Jonathan Greenberg, American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits, 2015.  [Link]

  • The Impact of State AIDS Drug Assistance Policies on Clinical and Economic Outcomes of People with HIV, with Julia Thornton Snider (first author), Dana Goldman, Lisa Rosenblatt, Daniel Seekins, Timothy Juday, Yuri Sanchez, Yanyu Wu, and Desi Peneva, Medical Care Research and Review, 2015.  [Link]

  • Undertreatment of Osteoporosis and the Role of Gastrointestinal Events among Elderly Osteoporotic Women with Medicare Part D Drug Coverage, with Ethel Siris (first author), Jingbo Yu, Katalin Bognar, Mitch DeKoven, Anshu Shrestha, and Ankita Modi, Clinical Interventions in Aging, 2015.  [Link]

  • Mortality and Treatment Patterns Among Patients Hospitalized With Acute Cardiovascular Conditions During Dates of National Cardiology Meetings, with Anupam Jena (first author), Vinay Prasad, and Dana Goldman, JAMA Internal Medicine, 2014.  [Link]

  • The Relationship between Commercial Health Care Prices and Medicare Spending and Utilization, with Sarah Axeen, Darius Lakdawalla, Jay Bhattacharya, Michael Chernew, and Dana Goldman, Health Services Research, 2014.  [Link]

  • Long-Term Effects of the 2003 ACGME Resident Duty Hour Reform on Hospital Mortality, with Anupam Jena (first author) and Vinay Prasad, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 2014.  [Link]

  • Early HIV Treatment Led To Life Expectancy Gains Valued At $80 Billion For People Infected In 1996–2009, with Timothy Juday, Matthew Solomon, Daniel Seekins, Ronald Brookmeyer, and Dana Goldman, Health Affairs, 2014.  [Link]

  • Early HIV Treatment In The United States Prevented Nearly 13,500 Infections Per Year During 1996–2009, with Dana Goldman (first author), Timothy Juday, Daniel Seekins, and Mark Linthicum, Health Affairs, 2014.  [Link]

  • Nearly 60,000 Uninsured And Low-Income People With HIV/AIDS Live In States That Are Not Expanding Medicaid, with Julia Thornton Snider (first author), Timothy Juday, Daniel Seekins, Lisa Rosenblatt, and Dana Goldman, Health Affairs, 2014.  [Link]

  • HIV Care Providers Emphasize The Importance Of The Ryan White Program For Access To And Quality Of Care, with Neeraj Sood (first author), Timothy Juday, Jacqueline Vanderpuye-Orgle, Lisa Rosenblatt, Desi Peneva, and Dana Goldman, Health Affairs, 2014.  [Link]

  • Mortality among High Risk Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Admitted to U.S. Teaching-Intensive Hospitals in July:  A Retrospective Observational Study, with Anupam Jena (first author) and Eric Sun, Circulation, 2013.  [Link]

  • Hospital Costs and Inpatient Mortality among Children Undergoing Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease, with Alex Chen, Dana Goldman and Roberta Williams, Health Services Research, 2013.  [Link]

  • Medicare Payment Reform and Provider Entry and Exit in the Post-Acute Care Market, with Peter Huckfeldt (first author), Neeraj Sood, Alessandro Malchiodi and Jose Escarce, Health Services Research, 2013.  [Link]

  • Spending and Inpatient Mortality in U.S. Acute Care Hospitals, with Anupam Jena, June O'Leary and Dana Goldman, American Journal of Managed Care, 2013.  [Link]

  • The Option Value of Innovation, with Julia Thornton Snider (first author), William Vogt, and Tomas Philipson, Forum for Health Economics & Policy, 2012.  [Link]

  • Exenatide Therapy and the Risk of Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer in a Privately Insured Population, with Dana Goldman, Matthew Solomon, Daniel McFadden, and Anne Peters, Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, 2012.  [Link]

  • Survey Results Show That Adults Are Willing To Pay Higher Insurance Premiums for Generous Coverage of Specialty Drugs, with Yuri Sanchez, John Penrod, and Dana Goldman, Health Affairs, 2012.  [Link]

  • Therapeutic Hypothermia for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest:  Utilization Trends and Hospital Mortality, with Anupam Jena (first author), Christopher Newton-Cheh, and Peter Noseworthy, Journal of Hospital Medicine, 2012.  [Link]

  • How Cancer Patients Value Hope and the Implications for Cost-Effectiveness Assessments for High-Cost Cancer Therapies, with Darius Lakdawalla (first author), Yuri Sanchez, J. Ross Maclean, and John Penrod, Health Affairs, 2012.  [Link]

  • Cost-Sharing and Initiation of Disease-Modifying Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis, with Dana Goldman, Michael Eber, Homa Dastani, Edward Kim, and Swetha Raparla, American Journal of Managed Care, 2012.  [Link]

  • The Option Value of Innovative Treatments in the Context of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, with Yuri Sanchez, John Penrod, and Tomas Philipson, American Journal of Managed Care, 2012.  [Link]

  • The Disability Burden of COPD, with Julia Thornton Snider (first author), Ken Wong, Jie Zhang, Michael Eber, and Dana Goldman, Journal of COPD, 2012.  [Link]

  • Expenditures for Medicaid Patients Treated with Exenatide Compared with Other Diabetes Management Regimens, with Jennie Best (first author), Ryan Conrad, Dana Goldman and Anne Peters, American Journal of Managed Care, 2012.  [Link]

  • How Costly Is Hospital Quality?  A Revealed-Preference Approach, with Dana Goldman, Journal of Industrial Economics, 2011.  [Link]
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  • Hospital Spending and Inpatient Mortality:  Evidence from California, with Anupam Jena and Dana Goldman, Annals of Internal Medicine, 2011.  [Link]

  • The Benefits from Giving Makers of Conventional ‘Small Molecule’ Drugs Longer Exclusivity Over Clinical Trial Data, with Dana Goldman (first author), Darius Lakdawalla, Jesse Malkin, and Tomas Philipson, Health Affairs, 2011.  [Link]

  • The Emerging Importance of Patient Amenities in Hospital Care, with Dana Goldman (first author) and Mary Vaiana, New England Journal of Medicine, 2010.  [Link

  • Efficiency and Its Measurement:  What Practitioners Need To Know, with Peter Hussey, Han de Vries, Margaret Wang, Paul Shekelle, and Elizabeth McGlynn, American Journal of Managed Care, 2009.  [Link] 

  • A Systematic Review of Health Care Efficiency Measures, with Peter Hussey (first author), Han de Vries, Margaret Wang, Susan Chen, Paul Shekelle, and Elizabeth McGlynn, Health Services Research, 2009.  [Link]

  • Alcohol and Environmental Justice:  The Density of Liquor Stores and Bars in Urban Neighborhoods in the United States, with Deborah Cohen, Jeanne Ringel, and Roland Sturm, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 2007 [Link]

      Other Publications

  • Should Physicians Own Hospitals?, The BMJ, 2015.  [Link]

  • Changes in Hospitalizations, Treatment Patterns, and Outcomes During Major Cardiovascular Meetings--Reply, with Anupam Jena, JAMA Internal Medicine, 2015.  [Link]

  • Hospital Productivity:  The Authors Reply, with Dana Goldman and Neeraj Sood, Health Affairs, 2015.  [Link]

  • Intraoperative Cholangiography During Cholecystectomy, with Marco Huesch, JAMA, 2013.  [Link]

  • What Can We Learn about Hospitals from the Revealed Preferences of Patients? with Dana Goldman, Vox , March, 2008.  [Link]

  • Do the Owners of Small Law Firms Benefit from Limited Liability? with Bogdan Savych and Eric Talley, in In the Name of Entrepreneurship?  The Logic and Effects of Special Regulatory Treatment for Small Business , edited by Susan M. Gates and Kristin J. Leuschner, Santa Monica, California:  RAND, 2007.  [Link]   

      Working Papers

  • Emergency Department Visits for Mental Health and Substance Abuse-Related Conditions, California 2005-2011:  The Impact of County-Level Poverty and Race, under revision, with Sanjay Arora, Baharath Chakravarthy, Dana Goldman, Raj Mehta, Michael Menchine, Seth Seabury, and Sophie Terp, 2014.  [Email me]

  • Identification of a Novel Metric To Access Adequacy of Outpatient Mental Health Care, under review, with Sanjay Arora, Baharath Chakravarthy, Dana Goldman, Raj Mehta, Michael Menchine, and Sophie Terp, 2014.  [Email me]

  • Do Commercial Health Care Prices Influence Medicare Spending and Utilization?, with Sarah Axeen, Dana Goldman, and Erin Trish, 2014.  [Email me]

  • Warfarin Use and Hospitalization for Hypoglycemia among Older Individuals Treating Diabetes with Commonly Used Sulfonylureas, under review, with Dana Goldman, Cynthia Gong, Anupam Jena, Anne Peters and Bradley Williams, 2014.  [Email me]

  • Identifying the Health Production Function:  The Case of Hospitals, under review, with Neeraj Sood, NBER Working Paper 19490 (October, 2013)

    Estimates of the returns to medical care may reflect not only the efficacy of more intensive care, but also unmeasured differences in patient severity or the productivity of health-care providers.  We use a variety of instruments that are plausibly orthogonal to heterogeneity among providers as well as patients to analyze the intensity of care and 30-day survival among Medicare patients hospitalized for heart attack, congestive heart failure and pneumonia.  We find that the intensity of care is endogenous for two out of three conditions.  The elasticity of 30-day mortality with respect to care intensity increases in magnitude from -0.27 to -0.71 for pneumonia and from -0.16 to -0.33 for congestive heart failure, when we address the identification problem.  This finding is consistent with the hypotheses that care intensity at hospitals tends to decrease with hospital productivity, or increase with unmeasured patient severity.  [Link] 

  • Competition, Intrinsic Motivation, and Trends in Patient-Based Measures of Hospital Performance, under revision, with Peter Huckfeldt and Marc Elliott, 2011.  [Email me]

  • Hospitals As Hotels:  The Role of Patient Amenities in Hospital Demand, under revision for Journal of Health Economics, with Dana Goldman, NBER Working Paper 14619 (December, 2008)

    Abstract.  Amenities such as good food, attentive staff, and pleasant surroundings may play an important role in hospital demand.  We use a marketing survey to measure amenities at hospitals in greater Los Angeles and analyze the choice behavior of Medicare pneumonia patients in this market.  We find that the mean valuation of amenities is positive and substantial.  From the patient perspective, hospital quality therefore embodies amenities as well as clinical quality.   We also find that a one-standard-deviation increase in amenities raises a hospital's demand by 38.5% on average, whereas demand is substantially less responsive to various measures of clinical quality.  These findings imply that hospitals may have an incentive to compete in amenities, with potentially important implications for welfare.  [Current version] [NBER version]  Press coverage:  [Freakonomics] [BusinessWeek] [NBER Bulletin on Aging and Health

  • Does Liability Affect Small Business?, with Bogdan Savych (June, 2008).   [Email me]

  • Accounting for Limited Liability among Law Firms, with Eric Talley (September, 2007)  [Email me]   

  •       Work in Progress

    • The Impact of Hospital Amenities on Patient Satisfaction, with Kate Choi, Dana Goldman and Katie Johnson. 

    • Trends in Emergency Department Utilization for Mental Health and Substance Abuse-Related Conditions in California Following Passage of the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63), with Sanjay Arora, Bharath Chakravarthy, Dana Goldman, Raj Mehta, Michael Menchine. and Sophie Terp

          Selected Technical Reports

    • Geographic Variation in Health Care Spending and the Promotion of High-Value Care:  Final Report to the Institute of Medicine, with Sarah Axeen, Darius Lakdawalla and Dana Goldman.  Precision Health Economics, 2013.  [Link]

    • Assessing the Performance of Military Treatment Facilities, with Nancy Nicosia and Barbara Wynn.  RAND Corporation, 2011.  [Link]

    • The Impact of Air Quality on Hospital Spending, with Andrew Hackbarth and Dana Goldman.  RAND Corporation, 2010.  [Link]

    • Determinants of Patient Experience Ratings:  A Benchmark and Drivers Analysis of Vanguard Hospital System Performance on the HCAHPS Survey, with Peter Huckfeldt, Peter Mendel, and Marjorie Pearson.  RAND Corporation, 2010.  [Email me]

    • California Ambulatory Surgery Centers:  A Comparative Statistical and Regulatory Description, with Willliam Vogt.  RAND Corporation, 2009.  [Link]

    • Health Care Efficiency Measures:  Identification, Categorization, and Evaluation.  Final Report, with Elizabeth McGlynn, Paul Shekelle, Jason Carter, Susan Chen, Han de Vries, Dana Goldman, Peter Hussey, Roberta Shanman, Martha Timmer, Carlo Tringale and Margaret Wang.  RAND Corporation, 2008.  [Link]

    • Mail Order and Pharmacy Costs in the Military Health System.  RAND Corporation, 2006 [Email me
    • The Quality of Personnel in the Enlisted Ranks, with Beth Asch and Mark Totten.  RAND Corporation, 2005[Link]

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