Materials and Structures Laboratory

 How manufacturing and mechanics contribute to sustainable society

About us

Welcome to Materials and Structures Laboratory led by Professor Qiming Wang (CV) at Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Southern California. Our research is focused on manufacturing and mechanics of unprecedented materials and structures that can potentially address grand engineering challenges from resilient infrastructure to clean water. We integrate experimental, theoretical and computational approaches to study cutting-edge problems in three core themes (see Research):

  • Mechanics of materials and structures: Constitutive modeling, Multiphysics coupling, Mechanical instability, Fracture and Adhesion; Electromagnetoactive polymers, Mechanochromic materials, and Stimuli-sensitive hydrogels.

  • Additive manufacturing: Lightweight structures and Transformative structures.

  • Clean water: Water membranes, Water treatment, and Biofouling.

Opening (more openings)

Postdoc Associate: We have a postdoc opening starting from 01/2018 working on polymer chemistry for additive manufacturing. More information can be found in PDF.  

PhD students: We continuously have PhD openings to work on additive manufacturing and clean water. Please send Dr. Qiming Wang ( an email for more information.

Master/Undergraduate students: We continuously recruit highly motivated students to work on additive manufacturing, Water Treatment and Biofouling. Please send Dr. Qiming Wang ( an email for more information.

Recent research highlight (click images for PDFs)

2016 PRL: Additive manufacturing of multimaterial lattices

2016 SciRep: Additive manufacturing of elastomer lattices

2016 JMPS: Nanocomposite hydrogels

2017 JMPS: Selfhealing of nanocomposite hydrogels

2015 JMPS: Color-Changing polymers


2015 SciRep: Growing surface instability


2014 NatComm: Camouflage skin


2014 AdvHealth: Fouling-free catheter


2013 AdvMat: Fouling-free ship hull


2012 NatComm: Electro-induced droplet deformation


2012 Adv Mat: Texture-changing gloove


2011 PRL: Electro-creasing to cratering


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