Tennis Photography
by Patricia Moloney Dugas

Photography of tennis at Manhattan Country Club,
Manhattan Beach, California

Moi - on location with my cousin in Florida...

Moi - in my next life.....

Avidly Abstract Tennis
Kamiko Date of Japan  before retirement

Chanda Rubin -
a musician with a raquet...

Lindsay Davenport

A Class Act..

During an Interview at the Acura Classic, Manhattan Beach, 2000.

Interview at Manhattan Beach 2002

Navratalova 2002 playing doubles


the Parisian

at Virginia Slims

The new face of tennis?

Photo from the L.A. Times...

Serena Williams of South Central 
Losing to Martina Hingis

Serena's dad said Serena was going to !#&*$...! Hinges



"Night Tennis"

While managing a tennis club briefly in Weston, Massachusetts, I took tennis lessons from the club pro. This led to the other side of my nature, the Boris Becker side, emerging to take command of my Friday nights. (I reject dates, wedding proposals, fire sales, and everything short of funerals, to play tennis in the Friday night round robin - and the deceased had better be closely related.) Thanks to titanium, graphite composites and gamma gut, I too can take on the big guys and punch out their lites with a flick of my wrist.

On leaving tennis, depending on my mood, I put my Prince Synergy Titanium Long Body or my Yonex RQ-500 Isometric Super-midsize extra light back in my bag, and return home all sweetness, (sweat), and synchronisity.    I take off my sweat bands, wrist brace and arch supports, put on my tri-focals, and, depending on the length of play -- 2, 3, or 4 hours, I relax with a glass of wine, or collapse with Ibuprofin.

This is one of my paintings, "Night Tennis", which represents the sky at night at the Tennis Club where I play. The view is breathtaking as the beach air turns purple, then deep blue. When you toss the ball up in the air to serve, this is the sight that greets you. Flocks of black birds come to nest in these eucalyptus trees as night approaches. One tends to assume that the bird's squaking is a commentary on our athletic performance. But no matter, just serve!

"Night Tennis"

Tennis fans...

Fan watching at the Manhattan Country Club is such a kick. From Creme de la Creme avec chapeau's to the peasants in the rafters (the ones with water bottles, baseball caps and Raider seat mats - you know who you are)...

Then there are the photo phans (like moi - I know who I am) who try to climb all over the stands - sneaking around those volunteer ladies at the ropes. (you know who you are too....)



Watching through the wind screens..
Signatures of players on their hats...

Part of the fun of going to see live matches is to watch the ball "persons". They take their task so seriously.   The smallest ones scoot about the most. Most of the time their T-shirts and shorts are way to big.

My tennis buddies volunteer so they can get in free. They are the ones that stand guard at the entries with the ropes not letting anyone in (or out) during play. They also take their assignments very seriously.

What ever happened to sports shorts? Look at basketball - they are not shorts - but longs, and wides. Who decided to "go baggy"? What were they thinking... They look like big, hairy girls running around in baggy, silky skirts and very large sneakers.

   Camera notes
Double Exposures taken with a Nikon FM2, 200mm lens,
500/1000 shutter speed, Fugi film.

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Patricia Moloney Dugas
May, 2000

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