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The proliferation of creativity displayed on these pages could be the result of superior intellectual creativity, a sublime love of all that is balanced and beautiful in the universe, or, alas, merely an over-active thyroid.    Since it is my page, I will lean heavily on that first thought....

Photography by Bobbi Dugas, my teacher and daughter

On location in Malibu.....

When my universe stops spinning, I will give you samples of my work -- give you pieces of my mind -- and tell the world where to go - to get itself out of the mess it is in.
Until that time, you are on your own.

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USC Campus Pictures    Digital Macro Photography       Kitchen Window     Museum Pictures
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Cruisin'   50's

Auto Show in Abstract
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My Own Wheels.......



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Abstract Photography
My photographs of USC



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Foil Foiled

Kitchen Window
This one is cool...

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