School of International Relations
Center for International Studies
University of Southern California

Selected Publications: (Adobe Reader Required)

(with Jonathan Krieckhaus) Canadian Regional Development: The Quest for Convergence, Canadian Journal of Political Science 41: 187-202.

(with Seung-Whan Choi) Media Openness, Democracy and Militarized Interstate Disputes: An Empirical Analysis, British Journal of Political Science, forthcoming 2006.

(with Enyu Zhang) Chinese Choices: A Poliheuristic Analysis of Foreign Policy Crises, 1950-1996, Foreign Policy Analysis 1 (2004): 31-54.

Systemism, Social Mechanisms and Scientific Progress: A Case Study of the International Crisis Behavior Project, Philosophy of the Social Sciences 34 (2004): 352-370.

(with David B. Goetze) Evolutionary Psychology and the Explanation of Ethnic Phenomena. Evolutionary Psychology 2 (2004): 142-159.

(with Murray Wolfson, and Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi) Identifying National Types: A Cluster Analysis of Politics, Economics and Conflict, Journal of Peace Research (2004) 41: 607-623.

(with Seung-Whan Choi) Civil-Military Relations in a Neo-Kantian World, 1886-1992, Armed Forces and Society 30 (2004): 227-254.

(with Michael Lusztig) "Power Cycles, Expected Utility and Decision Making by the United States: The Case of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas", International Political Science  Review 24 (2003): 83-96.

(with Seung-Whan Choi) No Professional Soldiers, No Militarized Interstate Disputes?: A Question for Neo-Kantianism, Journal of Conflict Resolution 47        
            (2003): 796-816.

(with Eric Solberg and Murray Wolfson) "Democracy and Peace: A Reply to Oneal and Russett",  Defence and Peace Economics 11 (2000): 215-229; reprinted in Todd Sandler and Keith Hartley, eds., The Economics of Conflict: Volume II (Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2003), pp. 630-644.

(with Eric Solberg and Murray Wolfson) "An Identified Systemic Model of the Democracy-Peace Nexus", Defence and Peace Economics 10 (1999): 1-37.

"Rational Choice?: Crisis Bargaining Over the Meech Lake Accord", Conflict Management and Peace Science 16 (1998): 51-86.

(with David Carment) "The International Politics of Ethnic Conflict:  New Perspectives on Theory and Policy", Global Society 11 (1997): 205-232.

"Prospects for World Peace in an Age of Turbulence:  The United States and International Crises", Etudes Internationales 25 (1994): 67-90.

"Structure et conflit en politique internationale:  Une analyse sequentielle des crises internationales 1929-1979", Etudes Internationales 20 (1989): 791-815.

(with Michael Brecher and Tod Hoffman) "International Crises in Africa, l929-l979: Immediate Severity and Long-term Importance", International Interactions l4 (l988): 5l-84.

"Conflit et Cohesion:  Nouveau Regard Sur la Litterature Savant", Etudes Internationales l7 (l986): 62l-633.

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