USC Parsed Corpus of Old South Slavic





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The USC Parsed Corpus of Old South Slavic is an electronic corpus of Old South Slavic prose, with added morphological annotation, word-for-word glosses, and an English translation. Currently, the corpus consists of the texts of five manuscripts – Codex Marianus, Codex Zographensis B, Sluck Psalter, Vita Constantini and Vita Methodii – and seven inscriptions – Georgi Seal, Izbulski Inscription, Samuil’s Inscription, Gigen Inscription, Mostič’s Inscription, Temnič Inscription and Bitola Plaque. The corpus has a total size of approximately 78, 362 words. Work on additional texts is ongoing.


The creation of the parsed corpus is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (BCS-0418581) on “The Historical Syntax of Medieval South Slavic”. The research team is led by Roumyana Pancheva and has included Agnieszka Łazorczyk, Jelena Krivokapic, and Nancy Louie (Linguistics, USC); Zlatina Sandalska, Mila Nazyrova, Yulia Minkova, Allison Pultz, William Gunn, Anna Krivorouchko, Anastasiya Vanyakina, and Inna Schmul (Slavic Languages and Literatures, USC); Milena Gueorguieva (Comparative Literature, USC); and Janine Kagle (Occidental College). Programming help by Stefano Vegnaduzzo is gratefully acknowledged.


Special thanks to Prof. Jouko Lindstedt from the University of Helsinki for the permission to use Corpus Cyrillo-Methodianum Helsingiense: An Electronic Corpus of Old Church Slavonic Texts (CCMH).


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