My research is in the area of holomorphic dynamics, particularly on the structure of polynomial Julia sets.  Here is a famous Julia set, the Douady Rabbit.

Douady's Rabbit        

I am particularly interest in polynomials of degree larger than 2.  Below is the Julia set of a cubic polynomial that I like.  I call it A Family of Rabbits.

I introduced a method to code the dynamics of a polynomial with disconnected Julia set using the combinatorial system of a tree with dynamics.  To the left is the Julia set of z²-3, in the center some equipotentials are highlighted, and to the right its tree with dynamics.


More trees with dynamics.

I have found a new family of meta-Fibonacci numbers.  They occur as the return times of polynomials

I have study the interaction of Brownian motion in the complex plane and Julia sets by coding the Brownian motion on the tree with dynamics.


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(Off-prints available upon request).

A Family of Meta-Fibonacci Sequences Defined by Variable-Order Recursions.

Journal of Integer Sequences, Volume 9, Issue 1, Article 06.1.8, 2006.

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Brownian motion, random walks on trees, and harmonic measure on polynomial Julia sets.
Under revision.

On Yoccoz Return Functions.
Available on ArXiv