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MuSA.RT - music on the spiral array . real-time

project co-leaders: profs. elaine chew, alex françois


MuSA.RT -- Music on the Spiral Array . Real-Time -- explores the use of Elaine Chew's Spiral Array model in real-time analysis and scientific visualization of tonal structures in music. MuSA.RT allows listeners to see tonal structures as they hear them. MIDI information is mapped to pitch names in real time, and the closest triads and keys are computed and shown as the music unfolds in a performance. Two trackers, each a Centers of Effect (CE), one for longterm and one for shortterm information, show the history of the tonal trajectories. The 3D model dances to the rhythm of the music, spinning smoothly so that the current triad forms the background for the CE trails. Real-time tracking of tonal patterns in music also has widespread applications in music analysis, information retrieval, performance analysis, and expression synthesis.

MuSA.RT was designed using Alexandre François' Software Architecture for Immersipresence, a general formalism for the design, analysis and implementation of complex and interactive software systems.

Photo (left): Composer Lisa Bielawa tries out the MuSA.RT system at the Radcliffe Gymnasium, January 16, 2008.
Photo by E. Chew.



MuSA.RT 2.6 analyzes P.D.Q. Bach




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reports / posters

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