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October 5 KQED: The California Report: Tuesday, October 5, morning
August 19 KPCC: NPR's morning edition: USC Engineer Wins Award for Groundbreaking Music Research


March 26 dragonfire: The Music Issue (17): Science and Medicine: Without a Song - Just how much music can a nonmusician make?
July 1 Chronicle of Higher Education: Vol.51 No.43 p.A27: Information Technology: BEEP BEEP: Researchers at the University of Southern California have developed a device that turns drivers into musicians (requires subscription)
June 29 ACM Tech News: Vol.7 Issue 810 Item#16: University Researchers Make Device That Turns Drivers Into Musicians
June 22 Zeenews: Sci-Tech: Space and Technology: Now, you can drive your music!
June 9 Play Music By Driving on a Virtual Road
June ? All About N.GAGE: News: Play Music By Driving on a Virtual Road
June 7 All About Symbian reprints SMART MOBS' coverage
June 7 SMART MOBS: Technologies of Cooperation: Play Music By Driving on a Virtual Road
June 6 engadget: Drive a little road, make a little sound, get down tonight
June 4 Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends: Play Music By Driving on a Virtual Road
June 4 The Scotsman: ESP appears as a featured science titbit
June 3 Yahoo! India News: Technology: Friday June 3, 04:53 PM: "Now you can drive your music!"
June 3 Technology News: ESP "provides a driving interface for musical expression"
June 3 Baby, you can drive my song
June 3 The Science Daily: Baby, You Can Drive My Song: ESP Interface Puts Non-musicians On A Digital Road To Performance And Interpretation (Viterbi story)
June 3 ACM Tech News, Volume 7 Issue 799 Item#13: "Baby, You Can Drive My Song" (abstract of Viterbi news 05/30/05) news)
June 2 BoingBoing, a directory of wonderful things: "New interface to drive music"
May 30 USC Viterbi School of Engineering news article: Baby, You Can Drive My Song
May 28 NIME conference in Vancouver, B.C.: ESP paper published and poster shown

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updated June 18, 2005.