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Publications by date, by topics



  • Programmable Measurement Architecture
          (e.g., SIGCOMM'14, NSDI'13, NSDI'11, JNSM'14)
  • Scalable management of enterprise and data center networks
          (e.g., NSDI'13, SIGCOMM'10, CoNEXT'09, HotNets'10,CCR'08)
  • Manage heterogeneous data plane (middleboxes, SDN switches, routers)
          (e.g., NSDI'14, SIGCOMM'13, CoNEXT'14, CCR'14, CoNEXT'09)
  • Improve the performance of cloud applications, data center networks, and CDNs
          (e.g., NSDI'14, Eurosys'14, CoNEXT'12, INFOCOM'15)

  • Teaching

    Spring 2015:
    CSCI 551 Computer Communications
    Spring 2014: CSCI 694b Software Defined Networking
    Fall 2012: CSCI 599 Special Topics: Trends in Cloud Computing and Data Center Networking


    I'm lucky to work with the following students and others in our NSL lab:
    Omid Alipourfard
    Yuliang Li
    Xuemei Liu
    Rui Miao
    Masoud Moshref (co-advised with Ramesh Govindan)
    Brandon Schlinker (co-advised with Ethan Katz-Bassett)

    Professional Activities

    PC Chair:

    2014 HotCloud

    Program Committee:

    2015 SIGCOMM, SOSR, HotMiddlebox, ONUG Research track
    2014 SIGCOMM, CoNEXT, ANCS, ONS Research Track, HotSDN, ICCCN (SDN track)
    2013 SIGCOMM poster/demo, EWSDN, HotSDN, HotCloud, NSDI poster/demo
    2012 PAM, COMSNET, CoNEXT student workshop


    2014 SIGCOMM publication chair, NSDI session chair, HotNets session chair
    2013 CoNext Student workshop panelist, session chair


    Currently supported by NSF, Cisco, USC Zumberge, WISE, Google, Samsung, Ericsson. Thanks for their generous support.

    Software Release

    - DREAM prototype by Masoud Moshref [
    - miniNExT by Brandon Schlinker [github]
    - DIBS prototype by Rui Miao [github]
    - HONE prototype by Peng Sun [github]
    - OpenSketch prototype by Lavanya Jose and Rui Miao [github]
    - DIFANE prototype [github]
    - BUFFALO switch prototype [ github ]
    - Virtual Network Embedding Simulator for CCR08 paper [ github ]
    - dedup (next-generation compression with data deduplication): Benchmark program for Princeton Application Repository for Shared-Memory Computers (PARSEC) benchmark suite (website)
    - Distributed packet monitoring tool (website)

    Minlan Yu
    I am an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at University of Southern California. I co-lead the Networked Systems Lab with Ramesh Govindan, Ethan Katz-Bassett, and Wyatt Lloyd. I am interested in data networking, distributed systems, enterprise and data center networks, network virtualization, and software-defined networking.
    I received my Ph.D. from Princeton University in August 2011, advised by Jennifer Rexford. After that, I was a postdoctoral scholar working with Ion Stoica at UC Berkeley for one year.


    E-mail: minlanyu (at) usc (dot) edu
    941 Bloom Walk, SAL 214
    University of Southern California, Los Angelos, CA, 90089