Tokaimura (Japan's Sep. 30, 1999) Nuclear Accident:
It's Causes, Health & Environmental Effects

Freshman Seminar:  Technology & Environment
Professor Najmedin Meshkati
Fall 1999
University of Southern California

Here are some other various links to information on Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Safety in Japan and Tokaimura Accident.

Adobe file for entire IAEA Report

Institute of Nuclear Safety Systems (Japan)

Japan's Science and Technology Agency

Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

Japan's Nuclear Oddities

Japan's Science and Technology Agency on the Atomic Energy in Japan

Japan's Science and Technology Agency's Analysis on the Nuclear Accident at JCO Co.

The Society for Radiological Protection

Yahoo Full Coverage:  Japan Nuclear Accident

Here are some links to pages with photos of Tokaimura

Location of Nuclear Reactors in Japan (Map)

Photograph of the Geographical Location of Tokaimura

Photograph of the Roof of the Conversion Testing Facility of JCO Co.

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