Spring 2016

CHEM599: Introduction to Functional Inorganic Materials

Date Subject
Week 1 Powder Diffraction pdf
Week 2 Review and Metallic Conductivity pdf
Week 3 Thermoelectric Properties pdf
Week 3.5 Valence precise semiconductors pdf
Week 4 Superconductivity pdf
Week 5 Magnetoresistance pdf
Week 6 Magnetism pdf
Week 7 Dielectrics and Ferroelectrics pdf

Spring 2016

CHEM524: Inorganic Materials Chemistry

Date Subject
Week 1 Translational Symmetry pdf
Week 2 From Molecular Orbital Theory to Band Structures pdf
Week 3 Covalency in Solids pdf
Week 4 Non-covalent Interactions in Solids pdf
Week 4.5 Practical applications of ionocovalency pdf
Week 5 Close-packed Structures pdf
Week 5.5 Paulings Rules pdf
Week 6 Structure Archetypes pdf
Week 6.5 Nano-scale effects (no notes, guest lecture by Prof. Richard Brutchey)
Week 7 Defects pdf