Program in

Drug Discovery

Since its inception during the 2004-5 academic year, the Interdisciplinary Program in Drug Discovery continues to be an important initiative for enhancing interdisciplinary graduate training in the physical and life sciences at USC. Central to this training are educational and research opportunities fostered by cooperation between the Department of Chemistry (College of LAS, UPC) and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (School of Pharmacy, HSC). The program remains an important recruiting tool for both departments and a badge of honor for the iPIDD students. iPIDD is open to all students from the two departments with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better.

iPIDD students will enhance their graduate education by taking advantage of specialized classes in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and chemical biology, unique opportunities for collaborative research, and a yearly symposium. For more information please email Prof. Matthew Pratt at matthew.pratt[at]usc[dot]edu