Lab News

June 20th - Congratulations to Cesar, Paul, and our collaborator Tim on acceptance of their paper in Biochemistry

May 22nd - Congratulations to Kelly, Anna, Narek, and former members Balyn, Nick, Carli, and Arya on acceptance of their paper in J Am Chem Soc

April 29th - Congratulations to Paul, Cesar, Ana, Aaron, and former members Nick and Yuka on acceptance of their paper in Bioorg Med Chem

Feb 24th - Congratulations to Anna and former members Balyn and Marisol on the acceptance of their paper in ChemBioChem

Feb 15th - Congratulations to Ana, Paul, Cesar, Natalie, Carly, and former member Yuka on the acceptance of their paper in ACS Chem Biol

Nov 29th - Congratulations to Anna and Kelly, as well as former members Balyn and Marisol, on the acceptance of their paper in ACS Chem Biol

The Pratt Lab

Department of Chemistry, USC

The overall theme of the lab is understanding the molecular consequences of posttranslational modifications (PTMs) including glycosylation and ubiquitination. These modifications expand the chemical diversity available to cells and living organisms. We specifically focus on the development of chemical tools as attractive methods for dissecting these biochemical pathways.

Currently we are applying these chemical approaches to reveal roles for PTMs in cellular responses in processes associated with changes in metabolism and stress. Recent evidence suggests that these pathways are important contributors to a variety of human diseases including neurodegeneration and cancer. To accomplish our scientific goals, members of the lab use combinations of organic synthesis, genetics, protein biochemistry, and cellular biology. Interested prospective graduate students should apply to the chemistry PhD program, and postdoctoral candidates can email matthew.pratt@usc.edu directly.

Matthew R. Pratt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Departments of Chemistry and Molecular and Computational Biology

Member of the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Southern California

840 Downey Way, LJS 250

Los Angeles, CA 90089

phone: (213) 740-3014

fax: (213) 740-0930

email: matthew.pratt@usc.edu