MATH 705, Seminar in Probability (39806R), Fall 2017.
Class meetings: F 10am-12pm, in KAP 245.


Information on this and linked pages changes frequently.

Organizer: Sergey Lototsky.
Office: KAP 248D.
Phone: (213) 740-2389.

Office Hours: MW 10:00-10:50am F 9:00-9:50am.
Walk-ins and appointments at other time are welcome.

The objective this semester: To discuss current research projects and future plans of participating students.

Participating students: Ujan Gangopadhyay, Hyun-Jung Kim, Alperen Ozdemir, Chukiat Phonsom, Jian Wang.

What we did.

Friday, August 25: Introduction and plans for the semester.

Friday, September 1: Presentation by Phonsom on analytical theory of stochastic parabolic equations with a non-local evolution operator (in preparation for the oral exam).

Friday, September 8: Presentation by Ujan on the method of stochastic approximation in the study of generalized urn models.

Friday, September 15: Presentation by Alperen on partial ordering of integer partitions. Bottom line: two typical partitions of a large number are usually not comparable.

Fridays, September 22 and 29: Presentations by Hyun-Jung about KPZ universality.

Friday, October 6: Chukiat's oral exam (with full success).

Friday, October 13: Presentation by Jian on statistical inference in second-order auto-regressions with dependent noise.

Friday, October 20: A discussion of possibilities for summer schools and workshops in 2018, with contributions from all.

Friday, October 27: Presentation by Ujan on discrete-space Gaussian free fields.

Friday, November 3: Presentation by Ujan on the first-passage percolation.

Friday, November 10: Presentation by Alperen on mixing rates for certain Markov chains on the symmetric group.

Friday, November 17: Presentation by Hyun-Jung on the parabolic Anderson model (practice defence)

Friday, November 24: Thanksgiving break