post-doc in Eva Kanso's Biodynamics Lab



Sep 2016

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The work of the talented students under my supervision and myself will be presented at the incoming 69th APS DFD meeting in Portland!
Don't miss:

- Geometric design of the best performing auto-rotating wing (poster by Yucen Liu)
- Fluttering in Stratified Flows (talk by Try Lam, Sunday 5:37 PM in room C124); check out his video on stratified flows!
- Crossing the boundary: experimental investigation of water entry conditions of V-shaped wedges (talk by Tingben Xiao, 10:53 AM in room C125-126)
- Aerodynamic shapes of two-dimensional splashes (my talk, Monday 11:45 AM in room C125-126)
- and, last but not least: Slamming and slapping: the story of a diving wedge (Gallery of Fluid Motion movie (Entry # V0106), prepared by Daniel Yohann).

May 2016

image falling coin Our paper Holes stabilize freely falling coins has been accepted for publication in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.
pdf : not available

April 2016

image rheotaxis Our invited paper Under the microscope cover slip: spontaneous flows and bacterial behavior has been accepted for publication in the CCT'15 Proceedings by World Scientific.
pdf : not available