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Welcome to my home page!

I am Research Assistant Professor at University of Southern California (Los Angeles), in charge of Eva Kanso's experimental lab. My research interests span from the dynamics of passive flyers to liquid fragmentation and bacterial rheotaxis. In addition to my research, I teach the class Dynamics of Fluids (AME 309) here at USC. I grew up in Grenoble, a beautiful city in the heart of the French Alps. I love mountain-biking, hiking, photography, and I occasionally enjoy skiing and gliding (I got my glider pilot license in 2005).

Short Biography - CV

Currently ...

I am a Research Assistant Professor at University of Southern California (Los Angeles).

Past Research Experiences

2014-2018 : post-doc at USC, Los Angeles, USA
A wide range of experimental projects, including passive flight, impact problems, and more!
PI : Eva Kanso

2010-2013 : PhD student at IRPHE, Aix-Marseille Universtity, France
Dynamics and breakup of stretched liquid bridges
Advisors : Laurent Duchemin & Stéphane Le Dizès
Defended december 13th, 2013.

2010 : 6-months internship at IRPHE
Experimental study of a highly-accelerated viscous fluid layer around a cylinder, with application to a stone wool manufacturing process (partnership with Saint-Gobain R&D)
Advisors : Michaël Le Bars & Laurent Duchemin.

2009 : 8-weeks internship at Warwick Univeristy, UK
Experimental study of the instability of a free-falling water curtain
Advisor: Petr Denissenko.


2014 Teaching assistant for AME 453 (USC)
2 x 1.5h lectures and Q&A on Newtonian Dynamics and dynamical systems.

2012-2013 Teaching assistant (IUT Aix-Marseille)
Practicals: Thermodynamics (32h) for 1st year undergraduate students.

2011-2012 Teaching assistant (IUT Aix-Marseille)
Practicals: Thermodynamics (49h), Programminng / Visual Basic (48h), for 1st year undergraduate students.


2007-2010 Institut National Polytechnique and Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble :

2005-2007 : Preparatory classes in Physics and Chemistry (PCSI & PC*)
Two-years intensive courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Science.

2005 : Baccalauréat S (science) with major in maths


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