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Colloquium Schedule

The colloquium meets from 3:30-4:30 PM in 414 of Kaprielian Hall

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title
1/16 Mikhail Khovanov (Columbia University) Link homology and categorification (abstract)
2/3 and 2/4
Special location
Whiteman Lectures
Dusa McDuff (Columbia University)
Embedding questions in symplectic topology
2/11 Joint with CAMS - Monday
Daniel Tataru (UC Berkeley)
Geometric PDE's (abstract)
2/20 Martin Lorenz (Temple) Prime ideals and group actions in noncommutative algebra (abstract)
2/27 Thomas Banchoff (Brown) Folds, Intersections, and Inflections for Smooth and Polyhedral Surfaces:
Distinguishing Cylinders from Mobius Bands (abstract)
Special time
Joint with CAMS - Monday
Double Header

Ron Graham (UCSD)
Juggling Mathematics and Magic ( abstract)
3/4 Joint with CAMS - Monday
Double Header

Fan Chung Graham (ICSD)
3/13 Joint with CAMS
Steve Shkoller (UC Davis)
Free-boundary problems in fluid dynamics (abstract)
3/27 Sarah Koch (Harvard University) An algebraic fingerprint for postcritically finite rational maps (abstract)
4/17 David Nadler (UC Berkeley) Elliptic representation theory (abstract)
4/24 Ravi Vakil (Stanford University) Cutting and pasting in algebraic geometry (abstract)

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title
9/19 Robert Lipshitz (Columbia University) The Jones polynomial, Khovanov homology and Khovanov homotopy (abstract)
10/03 John Stillwell (University of San Francisco )
Poincare and the early history of 3-manifolds (abstract)
10/10 Jason Morton (Penn State) Quantum and classical tensor networks (abstract
10/17 Greg Kuperberg (UC Davis) Buildings, spiders, and geometric Satake (abstract)
10/24 John Baez (UC Riverside) The Mathematics of Planet Earth (abstract)
10/31 Lenny Ng (Duke) Knot invariants from cotangent bundles and symplectic geometry ( abstract)
11/9 (Friday) Pham Tiep (University of Arizona) The non-commutative Waring problem (abstract)
11/14 Denis Auroux (Berkeley) Mirror symmetry in complex dimension 1 (abstract)
12/5 Marta Lewicka (University of Pittsburg) Nonlinear theories of elastic films (abstract)

Past Colloquia

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Title
1/9 Zhiwei Yun (MIT) Special Colloquium - Motives and the inverse Galois problem (abstract)
1/11 Ioan Bejanaru (University of Chicago) Special Colloquium - Equivariant Schroedinger Maps in 2D with large data (abstract)
1/13 Sabin Cautis (Columbia University) Special Colloquium - Heisenberg categorification and applications (abstract)
1/18 Ian Tice (Brown) Special Colloquium - Global well-posedness and decay for the viscous surface wave problem without surface tension (abstract)
1/20 Dan Thompson (Penn State) Special Colloquium - Beta-shifts: An inspiration for new techniques in ergodic theory (abstract)
1/25 Persi Diaconis (Stanford) Shuffling Cards and Hopf Algebras (abstract)
1/30 Burt Totaro (Cambridge) Special Colloquium - The integral Hodge conjecture for 3-folds (abstract)
2/8 Alexander Kleshchev (University of Oregon) Graded representation theory of symmetric groups and Hecke algebras (abstract)
2/15 Sami Assaf (USC) Multiplying Schubert polynomials and Schur functions (abstract )
2/22 Daniel Nakano (University of Georgia) Realizing rings of regular functions via the cohomology of quantum groups (abstract)
2/29 Benjamin Sudakov (UCLA) Induced Matchings, Arithmetic Progressions and Communication (abstract)
3/7 Melissa Liu (Columbia University) The Yang-Mills Equations over Klein Surfaces (abstract)
3/14 Spring Recess  
3/28 Edward Witten (IAS)
Reception 3-3:30PM in KAP 410
Talk begins at 3:45PM in SAL 101
Khovanov Homology And Gauge Theory (abstract)
4/4 Whiteman Lectures  
4/11 Karl Rubin (UCI) Ranks of elliptic curves in families of quadratic twists (abstract)
4/18 Rachel Ollivier (Columbia University) Representations in positive characteristic: from finite groups to p-adic groups (abstract)
4/27 (Friday) Arun Ram (University of Melbourne )
(Special day)
Views of Castalia (abstract)

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title
9/23 Andrew Torok (University of Houston) Transitivity of skew extensions over hyperbolic systems (abstract)
9/28 Mehrdad Shahshahani (IPM) On the geometrization of the absolute Galois group (abstract)
10/12 Monica Vazirani (UC Davis) Cores, Shi arrangements, and Catalan numbers (abstract)
10/26 Jose Antonio de la Pena (Institute of Mathematics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico) Spectral analysis of finite dimensional algebras and singularities (abstract)
11/9 Lei Ni (UCSD) Ricci flow and manifolds of positive curvature (abstract)
11/16 Amnon Neeman (Australian National University) From compactly generated to well generated triangulated categories (abstract)
11/30 Sabin Cautis (Columbia University) Equivalences and sl(2) actions (abstract)