Brazil '99, Foz de Iguacu, infinite natural beauty:

Foz de Iguacu, like a ferry-tale:

Yep, we were there :-)

I love the place, can't stop posting pictures:

Ok, the last one:

Brazil mainland:

Filodentro in Brazil:

And a jungle next to Atlantic, Parati, Brazil:

Infocom sponsored travel (major Networking conference) to Israel and the Palestinian territories, Jerousalem '00:

Yes, apparently dead sea has a ton of salt:

Canada, Vancouver '00, my parents and friends on the shadows:

Vancouver Aquarium:

Canada, Victoria '00:

Cuba '01, hey big brother chill out and enjoy Habana:

More Cuba, Trinidad:

An some more, Vignalles:

Mexico '02, Mexico City, 20 million mexicans stack on top of each other:

Oaxaca, the male gang:

San Cristobal De Las Casas, viva zapata :)

Campeche, from Pacific to the Caribean:

Maya's pyramids, Mexico is archailogically interesting even for a Greek :)

More ruins:

And some more:

Puerto Molleros, 30km away from the Cancun-crowds:

Cancun, great beach, if only all these hotels (all the way to the tip) where not present:

Vienna, summer '02:

Puerto Rico '03. San Juan gets decent swell, picture from the castle:

Puerto Rico again at Rincon. Locals say there are many gringos here, swell is also good:

Virgin Islands '03. Now, that's what I call a nice camping spot:

Virgin islands again. This is what I call a nice beach :-)

The beaches at the national park at St. John are as good as it gets:

Virgin inslands, back to civilization:

Baja California, around punta San Carlos:

This is a cactus :-) !

Look at the wave arena at the sea level... long walk: