San Fransisco, it's a beautiful city...:

San Fransico, with my sister:

Monyment Valley, a great Indian place, '98:

More Monument Valley:

Grand Canyon '98, trecking the canyon with my father:

Sunset at Grand Canyon:

Yosemittee '98, no wonder why the Indians respect nature so much:

Thanksgiving '98, at Lake Tahoe, now a tradition:

Hawai, Oahu '98, yes I was working 16 hours per day the first year, but I did travel too :-)

San Fransisco sunset at Ocean beach, '99, the shadows are my sister and Martin:

California is full of natural wonders, the oldest largest living creatures... Seqogia Park '99:

King's Canyon '99:

Los Angeles '99, visiting with my parents:

LA cars at Bervely Hills, poverty... :

Hawai again, Maui this time '00, Halecala craters:

Maui sunset:

The Maui gang, '00, me and Dora, Stavros and Gianna, Savvas, Dimitris, Giannis and Panos:

Yosemittee '00, this time it is summer time, trail to Half Dome:

Yosemitte, just before the top of Half Dome:

Ready to jump on the Yosemittee valey :-)

New York, Christmast '00, its cold!:

Rockfeller's center at New York:

You all know what this is, I was lucky enough to have a nice sky:

Bryce Canyon, Utah, with Dora, my cousin Giannis, and Sofia:

Bryce again, with Dora:

Alaska, a nice research-sponsored travel (Infocom 2001 :-)