Research area and philosophy

My research interests lie in the area of Networking which fascinates me for its breadth, spanning from hands-on system-design all the way to advanced mathematical analysis, and for the direct impact that it has to people's lives, exemplified by the profound changes that the Internet, the World Wide Web, and the cellular network have brought to our lives.

Broadly, networking research has two flavors. First, ``system-design'' research is mainly about protocol and algorithmic design, implementation and experimentation. Second, ``network-theory'' research is mainly about performance analysis using mathematical tools. The research I enjoy most is a combination of these two, stemming from my desire to apply formal analytical and algorithmic methods to problems of high practical relevance, and propose solutions that can be implemented and used in practice.

Since I joined USC I have modeled and analyzed the performance of a variety of networks, including the Internet, mobile ad hoc networks, delay and disruptive tolerant networks, sensor networks, mesh networks, peer to peer networks and the web. I have also designed methods, algorithms, and protocols to solve problems related to such systems. For a more detailed presentation of my research work, see my publications.