1) The ultimate trip to San Carlos (many thanks to Clark Merrit for the shots):

 Best shots of the trip
 Getting some serious off the lip air!
 Stylish cut back on the lip
 Yes, there is a kite somewhere up in the air...
 Double spray cut back
 More off the lip air
 This is a long wave...
 On the shoulder
 Some more air
 Windy ride
 One more ride
 And one more
 And yet another one
 How many waves can one ride in one day?
 Ok last one, enough

2) Sabbatical at Stanford, a.k.a Santa Cruz... (many thanks to John Dumas and Rob Born for the shots):
 5 times overhead at times
 A standard day

3) While on sabbatical, it is important to return to ones base (Los Angeles) to meet with ones graduate students... (many thanks to Kelley Flynn and Robert Ligon for the shots):
 South swell

4) The main serious-size spot for Southern Califonria folks: Jalama (many thanks to Paul for the shots):
 Jalama on a kite, with no channel whatsoever, this is the way to have fun without risking too much

5) Photos from Punta San Carlos (many thanks to Clark Merritt for the shots):
 Chilli bowl ride with a kiteboard
 Good waves, good wind, nice setting, no crowds = heaven

6) At Leo Carrillo, dealing with traffic: