Wonderful Santorini, celebrating the end of greek university entrance exams, '92:

Island of Krete, Monh Prebelh, '94:

Island of Amorgos, '96:

Island of Naxos, '96:

Island of Paros, '97:

Phlio mountain, Visitsa, '97:

Manh, '97:

Island of Patmos, '98:

Island of Suros, '99:

This is how beaches in Greece are... Xrisi, south of Crete:

This is how many corals Greek beaches used to have..., Xrisi again:

Milos '02:

Rodos '03:
Well, there is no way I am going to Rhodes without visiting Prasonnisi for some nice on-shore windsurfing:

But, ofcourse, there are more things to do than windsurfing:

Kos '03:

Kalymnos '03: