Windsurfing is a sport that requires sea, wind, waves and smooth weather. Probably Hawaii is the best location but next is ... Greece (I wish it were but it isn't. The main drawback is the relative luck of wave side-shore conditions). However, since I am currently living in the bay area, I have enough side-on conditions on my feet, but ofcourse I don't have time (hopefully I will have in the near future).

Well, time for the instructions. (Any comments on the special vocabulary are welcome. Be aware that these instructions were written in 1996 and have not been updated since then.)

You will need:

Brief presentation of the work:

This presentation is too brief and simplified but it is better than nothing. Do not get discouraged. Go ahead and do it if you are up to it. Take a look at my board (it is the first one I have ever made):

The board in action!

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