Papers related to lectures

Note: All rights are reserved by the publishers. You can get all papers online from the publishers (e.g. IEEE or ACM portals) but I am including a local copy here for your convenience.

Switching (Probability, queueing, combinatorics)

Fair Queueing and Active Queue Management (Probability and queueing)

Sizing Internet Buffers (Probability, queueing, control theory)

Stability of Switches (Lyapunov functions, fluid analysis)

Switching and Scheduling (Combinatorics: Matchings and stable marriages)

TCP Modelling and Network Control (Fluid models, control theory)

MAC Layer Performance Modeling in Wireless Networks (Markov chains, queueing, algorithms)

Mobility Models in Wireless Networks (Probability, random walks on graphs)

Routing in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks (Random walks on graphs, Linear and dynamic programming)

Throughput Analysis of Wireless Networks (Information theory)

Cooperation and pricing (Game Theory)

Trace Analysis and sampling (Probabilistic and statistical analysis)

Heavy-tailness and Performance (Probabilistic and statistical analysis)