Privacy in the World of Big Data

Schedule and Reading Assignments

Note: Readings and assignments for dates more than one week in the future subject to changes.

Assignments are due by 3pm on the Tuesday preceding class.

You are welcome to discuss the readings and assignments with fellow students but write-ups should be your own.

Date and Topic Readings Assignments due
01/11 (No class, Instructor speaking at FTC PrivacyCon 2017)
Class Material: Fill out class survey.
De-anonymization as science. k-anonymity, l-diversity.
Required Reading: Class Material:
  • Attend Distinguished Lecture on Machine Learning and Privacy by Vitaly Shmatikov (related paper)
  • Attend CS Colloquium by Reza Shokri
  • Submit a response to questions based on required reading and lectures.
  • 2/1
    Differential privacy
    Class Material: Assignment 2 based on material from last class.
    DP properties
    Class Material: Assignment 3 based on readings and material from last class.
    DP via Randomized Response
    Class Material: Assignment 4 based on material from last class.
    DP via Laplace mechanism
    Class Material: Assignment 5 based on material from last class.
    DP via Exponential Mechanism. DP for multiple queries
    Project Idea Brainstorming
    Class Material:
    Assignment 6 + Prepare and send me a project idea for in-class discussion (brainstorming resources).
    DP in practice
    Class Material:
    Project proposal due Mar 12, 11:59pm (more info on projects). Attend Mar 9 talk by David Naylor.
    3/15 (No class, Spring break)
    Online tracking, Fingerprinting and Defenses
    Class Material:
    Online tracking, Fingerprinting and Defenses II.
    Class Material:
    • How is tracking done on mobile?
    • Browser-based privacy controls. Industry self regulation. Do Not Track Initiative. Browser extensions to stop tracking.
    Prepare a presentation on a topic from class discussion. Read class material from 3/22.
    Privacy Enhancing Technologies.
    Class Material:
    • Tor, VPN, Brave and Cliqz browsers.
    • ISP regulation.
    Project progress report due. Assignment 7 due.
    Discrimination, Accountability, Transparency I.
    Read articles, watch a video, and prepare a presentation as outlined.
    Discrimination, Accountability, Transparency II.
    Watch presenting this paper and be ready to discuss.
    Project presentations Project presentations.
    5/3 (No class) Final project report due at 3pm.