Privacy in the World of Big Data

Course Project Information

The goal of the course project is to deepen your understanding of how Computer Science techniques can be used to address privacy-related challenges and provide a framework for advancing the state-of-the-art. The project should strive to produce something novel such as: In other words, if it's about (the science or engineering of) privacy, is interesting to you, and you are going to say or do something new, it's a legitimate project.

Project deliverables:

Projects can be done individually or in groups of two or three (with expectations of scope increasing accordingly). It will account for 50% of the total class grade: 10% proposal, 10% progress report, 10% presentation, 20% final report.

I encourage you to come talk to me about your ideas, progress and challenges throughout the semester.

Project Ideas:

A Google doc with project idea brainstorming resources.