Kristin Diehl


Marketing Department
Marshall School of Business

University of Southern California
3660 Trousdale Parkway, Room ACC 306E
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0443

  HOH 603


Curriculum Vitae 

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Kristin Diehl and Cait Poynor (2010), Great Expectations?! Assortment Size, Expectations and Satisfaction, Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (April), 312-322.

Zauberman, Gal, Jonathan Levav, Kristin Diehl and Rajesh Bhargave (2010), “1995 Feels so Close Yet so Far: The Effect of Event Markers on Subjective Feelings of Elapsed Time”, Psychological Science, January 2010.
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Lisa Abendroth and Kristin Diehl (2006), “Now or Never: Effects of Limited Opportunities on Information Processing, Purchase Behavior, and Regret”, Journal of Consumer Research, 33(December), 342-351.

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Kristin Diehl (2005), "When Two Rights Make A Wrong: Searching Too Much in Ordered Environments," 42 (August), Journal of Marketing Research, 313-322.


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Kristin Diehl, Laura J. Kornish and John G. Lynch, "Smart Agents: When Lower Search Costs for Quality Information Increase Price Sensitivity," Journal of Consumer Research, 30 (June), 56-71.
   * Robert Ferber Award, Honorable Mention, 2004.



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