John Strauss

Professor of Economics

Office: KAP 306A

Phone: (213) 740-7698






Selected Publications


1. Agricultural Household Models: Applications, Extensions and Policy, Co-edited with Inderjit Singh and Lyn Squire, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986.

2. Indonesian Living Standards Before and After the Financial Crisis (with Kathleen Beegle, Agus Dwiyanto, Yulia Herawati, Daan Pattinasarany, Elan Satriawan, Bondan Sikoki, Sukamdi and Firman Witoelar), Santa Monica: RAND and Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS, Singapore), 2004.



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7. "Targeting of Food Aid in Rural Ethiopia: Chronic Need or Inertia" (with Thomas Jayne, Takashi Yamano and Daniel Molla), Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 68, No. 2, August 2002, pp. 247-288.

8. “Health Over the Life Course” (with Duncan Thomas), in T.P. Schultz and J. Strauss (eds.), Handbook of Development Economics, Volume 4, Amsterdam: North Holland Press, forthcoming.



Economic Development and Cultural Change

Editor-in-Chief, August 2003~Present



Indonesia Family Life Survey

Principle Investigator for Indonesia Family Life Survey 3 (IFLS3), 2000

Principle Investigator for Indonesia Family Life Survey 4 (IFLS4), 2007