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eyesc.xyz by Kelly Guan

Eyes C is a project about personal collecting and archiving on the internet. Though the world wide web offers immense inspiration, it often feels like visual bombardment. Archiving and collecting on the internet usually means having to participate in platforms such as Tumblr or Pinterest. While they are tremendously useful, these pages live as templates - rendering them less personal by default. The social media aspect inherent to these sites can also sweep people away in the collective current of thought. Trends are not bad, offering us invaluable information about culture, as Olia Lialina investigates in A Vernacular Web about the ambitions the artifacts of the internet serve. But how can I carve out a space online that’s more removed of others’ influence? For me, there’s a desire to show people what I want them to see, making it necessary to build something that serves as doorway into my mind without the noise of others in the background.

I think the first step is to remove affiliation with any specific collecting platform. Therefore, building a personal website instead of using a template is necessary. Is it also necessary that my collected images/artifacts are not “liked” or “shared” to affirm or disavow my interests. Without the presence of social media, I can collect freely and without judgement. It’s easy to forget the pressure social media can impose on us and our thoughts when we partake in it. Another thing I wanted to implement was the feeling/act of discovery central to web surfing, which is why clicking around my site is necessary. I’ve scattered a few surprises in there.

Thinking about the act of collection, I drew influence from Ryder Ripps’ Internet Archaeology and River of the Net. River of the Net’s stream of consciousness navigation system mimics the loose associative almost “click bait-y” browsing we do online while Internet Archaeology’s organization system is more straightforward. I wanted to hit a place between both where while there’s room to wander, it remains contained.