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Nootul by Alec Goldberg

NOOTUL was created to solve a very real problem: people do not know how to use cell phones in a socially acceptable manor. The inspiration for the name comes from the material object/material which caused its ignition conception- the pool noodle. The pool noodle represents an item that is not only nostalgic of childhood, but for generations served as a source of entertainment and amusement for children. In our current culture, children have iphones in elementary school, and the idea of getting enjoyment from playing with something as simple as a long hallow tube of Styrofoam seems almost absurd.

We utilize objects like the pool noodle, signage, and art to alert those who are texting or using their phone while walking of potential dangers of cell phone use in any areas from busy roads to households. Furthermore, the items we create are used for the purpose of creating an overarching awareness about cellphone misuse in public and social settings of cell phones. Being able to get joy out of mundane objects or events is just one of the many social changes that have arisen with the rapid emergence of cell phones. As amusing as it is may be at times to watch “Petextrians” (pedestrians who are texting while walking) stumble into a pole or fall into pothole, the incidents have become so frequent that many are leasing to serious issues injury and death; the subject as a whole is a concern of public safety.