Post-Online Document by Stella Cho

I have begun the process of engaging in deep research on the relationships that I form with my two younger siblings and how they integrate themselves with the digital, fictional world of Internet. My work seeks to learn about their identity formation, reactions, definitions and influences of online, digital world. Impressed by a conceptual artist, Mary Kelly's groundbreaking work, Post Partum Document, I’ve produced regular blog postings of journals, critical analysis, and reflections upon how my teenaged siblings have adapted to and actively participate within digitally, psychologically constructed space of the Internet. The space itself is not necessarily limited to physical space of material, economic, financial exchanges, but also it could become a place in which anyone would pour over his repressed emotions, like Freud discussed in Psychoanalysis. Also, within the space, and only within it, one could be free from all physical and psychological restrictions, such as age, sexuality, personal history, personal traits, family background, career, and pretty much everything else.

My siblings and I are in a unique situation. Coming from Korea, the three of us live together during the course of studying abroad and I am their sole guardian here in the United States. We have gone through interesting yet challenging cultural and social transformations and as a result, I deem the causes of their deep online dependency and active involvement within it as the result of living without parents. My siblings deserve much more appropriate love and care than I, as a young adult in my own right, a busy college student, and a first child in an Asian family, can or should provide. These special circumstances have created an extreme version of family situation that many young people in contemporary society find themselves in.

Who the Subjects Are:

a) Michael A 16 year old boy, involved in gaming, online blog, one-person-broadcasting channel, fake identity, physical exchanges of items online, and so on

b) MJ A 17 year old girl, involved in online make-up tutorials, watching videos and movies online, social media, Facebook idols, fashion blogs, and so on.

This is a personal project that talks about my own family background, siblings, and living conditions, tied with intellectual texts and studies. In hopes of lessening my own guilt and giving an apology to my siblings whom I can’t express how much I love them, I pore over their every online move. This project hopes to express my love, attention and curiosity through research, theory and a desire to understand my subjects. Today, teenagers and many adults in society at large are interacting with online space in a very unique way. Since my siblings and I had to grow up without parents, family hierarchy was mostly formed by me. Through the process, however, I stressed them too much so that they couldn’t realize my true intentions and began to hate and scare me and also, more importantly, their reliance and dependency upon online spaces grew exponentially since the space seemed like to be full of people who were careless, thoughtless, and acceptable for whatever my siblings did. I believe that they somehow began to trust that the Internet is totally a distinct space from reality. Therefore, their projections on online space could become unreal, careless, and free from social, cultural norms, in which they were mostly bound to since young. My blog url is and I chose Google Blogger because it is accessible by anyone and easily controllable. I chose a side-bar format in order for my audience to navigate through different parts and concepts within my blog. It is up to you after all to choose what to read or look at.

In relations to Mary Kelly’s conceptual work of Post-partum Document, my online research also includes my siblings’ psychoanalytic and linguistic performance on the Internet. One of main purposes of this project is to redefine my siblings’ own definition of online space and to document physical and psychological interactions they form while being online. Also, I chose a blog format because it suited best for my purpose of documenting daily journals, videos, and photographs and creating my own constructed space of threads and posts in which is similar to a chain of thoughts and ideas that compose larger concepts and theories in contemporary society.