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Mindfulness and Visionary Art by Ian Helstien

My project was influenced by two websites; one was shown during a lecture provided by Professor Robison, which was an artist collective and website called the “CurrentSea.com”, another, was created by Visionary Artist Alex Grey, and his artist website and blog site “Alexgrey.com.” The Current Sea provides a network of artists to post their work into an archive that is rich in psychedelic distorted videos, and pastel colored GIF animations, my favorites were animated paintings that were moving and changing color. Immediately upon seeing this animated GIF I decided that I wanted to imitate the concept and I did so by creating close up photographed images- revealing textures of paint and animated them to create a filled compositional element that emphasize flow of movement thus, creates a transitioning expression.

The art that I create is about the process of meditatively thinking of the work, and then following through with creating juxtaposed and contrasting colors, which give a certain emotion and meaning to the piece. When viewed, the eye is directed in multiple dynamic ways allowing for a peaceful space of mind to be created, which is like that of the creators when creating it. Ultimately this is what creating good transcendental art is about; creating a vision that is expansive enough for the viewer to live in a changed perspective thanks to the art work, this for instance: could be a metaphysical one at that and hopefully with enlightenment. This enlightenment could be one that is direct related to Buddhism and its eternal achievement of nirvana. This could be related to a state of being as in the Buddhist tradition, yet be more focused on the state of art or an individuals state of mind. The intent for the piece is as the title suggests Mindfulness Meditation and Visionary Art. Providing spiritual and scientific wisdom and the guided meditations of John Kabat Zinn, to “use the wisdom of your body and mind to face stress, pain and illness.”

Her interview http://rhizome.org/editorial/2011/sep/21/artist-profile-brenna-murphy/ conducted by Ian Glover explores how her personality involved with her multi – cross dimensional and dynamic mediums that include video, photography, installation, collage, sounds, websites, and collaborative performances. Murphy also claims that these mediums are indeed intricately interlaced.

Some of her imagery provides trees in a collage with multiple copies of a reflection of herself looking in the mirror. I would consider her to be a visionary artist. Her work is indeed noted as psychedelic in the And/Or Gallery with “vinyl’s and labyrinths.” I have actually contacted her to possibly apprentice her on some projects and possibly include one of them in this one. Her website http://www.pleasureeditions.com/DOMAIN-LATTICE is indeed an impressive one. Her work focuses on similar qualities to my own in focus on meditative aspects of the self within one’s own art and with the relationship to the human perspective on and within nature. Not only does Murphy have a similar taste in her artwork, but her lifestyle seems to be very similar to mine as well included with meditative qualities when working with art and as expansive as can be in terms to dynamic ability to put different styles of art together to create greater art from video to photography to painting, to performance- there is nothing that we don’t do.

My piece’s goal is to create a space where people can go to meditate on their computers at home or in the library or at school. The evolution of the work is involving video work with the guided meditations of Zinn to my personal involvement and knowledge of meditation in a Buddhist sense and also a meditative psycho-therapeutic sense. Along with this is the creative aspect that Alex Grey emphasizes is a Cosmic one that is important to the evolution of mankind and our perception of ourselves with our metaphysical existentialism. Furthermore, Grey in his blog suggests creative mandala’s not only to meditate, but to transcend oneself within our egocentric cultures, and be in a more god like omnipresent whole awareness.