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For my final project, I had several ideas that I went to lengthy extents to try to ex-ecute. My original idea, which may have been the one I was most passionate about, however, did not go as planned. The original idea is an immersive performance piece using content from the “not so dark web”. I constantly tried pushing the limits of the twisted and creepy content that is currently on the surface web, yet could only scrape the surface and barrier of the dark. The main idea took inspiration from many projects and topics touched upon in this class. Using inspiration from our IRL Performance pro-ject it pushed me to decide to create a project not located on the web but based on the web. This initial idea took aesthetic influence from the project Maximum Security by Yucef Merhi which was created by exploiting emails from a corrupt gov’t system and placing them all over walls as an immersive impactful experience. But the actual execu-tion of the immersive installation idea had some major roadblocks.

As the project progressed I found myself needing a space to create this installment, however, as time-crunched it seemed less and less likely that this ideal space would be available to me. As this issue became more tangible I realized I had to start over. This experience is somewhat frazzling I had to take a step back and look at the bigger pic-ture of what I was trying to convey and do so in a different space, such as the web. I de-cided to use a Google program called google forms. I am still using the eerie dark web content, but now including a twist of what could fall into the category of surveillance by the fact that we “unknowingly” accept terms and conditions that give out our information every time we use social media, online shopping etc.

For this “second” project, I created a form. This form would be mass emailed out to X database. Users have the choice to participate or do not; if yes, users voluntarily decide to give up personal information locking them into this piece. The main concept came from the idea of Mad-Libs. The user will enter the requested information (without any prior context of knowledge of its usage) and will hit “submit”. This then will trigger a scripted extension I tweaked to work specifically for this project. Then will email back to the participant a dark story such as those originally incorporated into my first idea. How-ever, this emailed document will include the personal information submitted by the user: an eerie experience if they are not expecting it. This story includes twisted and creepy context which slowly transforms into a story about oneself. The message uses an add-on called AutoCrat to merge files and then send them back out to the user anony-mously. The body of the text includes elements of Binary code, which then prompts the user to convert the code into text to reveal the story.

The intent of this final project was not only to push me creatively but to make others aware of how much information we voluntarily surrender each day on multiple websites. There is always fine print in the terms and conditions that we skip over daily. I wanted to make this evident and tease the idea of how scary and real the web truly is, even what is readily available on the surface web. My goal was to dance with the “limbo area”, grey space that lays somewhere between the surface and dark web. I constantly come across videos and images being leaked into the surface web that however, should have no gotten as readily available as they did. I wanted to pull sources and create my own source that seemingly comes from the dark but has made its way into the surface web (which is becoming more and more prominent of an issues as time continues.) This creation also grabbed inspiration fro chain mail, emails one would receive saying “send this to 15 ppl or your mom will die”. I tried to twist that and make it more personal and experimental. Dark stories have always been extremely engaging for me since I was younger. I was terrified of the dark and scary movies, so I decided to expose myself to them as much as possible in hopes to become indifferent to them. This process did not only that but created a massive interest in dark stories laying within the internet. The initial form can be found at this link: http://bit.ly/2hVCCTV

http://www.cibernetic.com/works yucef merhi