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Web Vodou by Alejandra Reynoso

Web Vodou is an art piece about my exploration of the unknown, and my interest in how the unknown is present in the everyday lives of people through various forms. Growing up in a religious and Catholic household, I subconsciously have had the notion that there exists a good and a bad, and we are given the choice to do good or bad. With the good and the bad, through culture I have learned about the myths of Vodou and Brujeria—another word for witchcraft. In my culture, it can be a common thing to hear stories about how an unlucky or odd event was due because of a brujeria.

As I learned about the beginnings of the Internet, and the emergence of the deep and dark web, I began to see a correlation between the unknown in the world of web and the unknown in the world of vodou. The innate fear that comes out of not knowing is the same for these subjects in distinctive ways. Around the world among different cultures there are various forms of the unknown spiritual realm and their teachings embedded in their culture. Whether it is the Native American pow-wow gatherings or magic voodoo from West Africa or the Brazilian macumba, the unknown and spiritual world is alive.

We have seen the birth of technology and the amazing advancements it has made in the last decade. This art piece is my exploration of the unknown and cryptic realm of the Internet. I explore traditional vodou symbols and compare them to modern present day web symbols. I can’t help but question whether the Internet has transformed into our modern form of the spiritual world.