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The Connection by Zari Phillips

THE CONNECTION is a site created to link the steps of creating a celebrity “lifestyle” photo and expose THE CONNECTION between different sectors of the fashion industry to make this wearable art come to life. Instagram can be viewed as an art form when you dissect the purpose, plan, and work that goes into branding a user through social media. Celebrities use Instagram as a platform to spread trends and bring awareness to brands, which greatly affects the fashion industry and can make or break a designer’s work. The general public may not know about the hours of design, preparation, appointments, meetings, and collaboration to create a brand image for public figures, which I have come to learn through my work as an intern for various showrooms and stylists. Even from my seemingly basic and remedial tasks, I have aided the process of the growth of brands and the sparking of trends in the fashion world, with the right celebrity placements and effective media coverage. THE CONNECTION is meant to break down the stereotype of Instagram being a “false reality” and reveal the benefits of celebrity work for designers.

The process of deconstructing an image to show the process of where a product has been imagined, created, transported, accounted for, and placed on people is a system that goes behind all designer’s work. This process is one that is concealed unless you work in the industry, but is also one that is vital to the industry as a whole. The purpose of THE CONNECTION is to reveal this process and develop an appreciation in consumers for the art form of designers work and the ability for trends to form through celebrity influence. In the article, “Dispersion” by Seth Price, a quote was discussed by Marcel Broothaers that stated, “The definition of artistic activity occurs, first of all, in the field of distribution.” I found this statement true to fashion as a form of art. The more coverage a designer can receive, the more praise and success they achieve for their brand.