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Dead Dog Hymnal by Rook Fitts

Dead Dog Hymnal is an interactive fantasy-horror webcomic. The project was started in 2015, and this work extends two of the comic’s pages into an immersive interactive experience.

Dead Dog Hymnal was inspired heavily by the pre-Christian folklore of the British Isles and the natural phenomena that might have informed it. In the world of the comic legends have very literal power, and if something is widely believed it may become reality. The narrative follows a former hero as he attempts to retire into life as a wandering bard and cope with the myths that still give him supernatural abilities and keep him more a part of the world of legend than a part of the world he worked to save.

This interactive experience is meant to bring the power of legends into the hands of the reader, asking them to remember and then replay a small part of a folksong. If they carry on the melody successfully then the comic itself becomes momentarily changed, switching from still media into animation and showing a brief glimpse of a legendary figure. Through this the reader is meant to feel like their ability to remember, repeat, and perpetuate even a small part of a legend has the power to bring that legend to life and change what they experience about the Dead Dog Hymnal’s world.

Headphones are suggested for this piece.